Mod Spotlight: Bionisation



Minecraft has plenty of visible threats, but what about the ones no one can see? More specifically, what if you could add viruses and bacteria to the game? ThunderB has done just that!


There are 42 effects of bad viruses and bacteria, along with16 positive effects of treatment. The player has immunity; the stronger it is, the less harmful viruses and bacteria's effects will be. You can get them when you hit infected mobs, eat bad food, or walk through the world with weak immunity. Even worse, other ill players can infect you through the air (don't cough on your friends, kids!). Each effect has its own transmission and treatment mechanisms.


For the treatment, you must find a toxic biome called "Ancient Forest", where herbs that kill certain types of bacteria can be found. Others are treated with antibiotics, which can lower the immune system over time, if overused. Virusescan be treated with a trinket called a Bionisator. It takes virus samples and creates a stable or unstable vaccine to fight them. A stable vaccine treats players and gives him immunity for 2 hours. An unstable vaccine may enhance the effect of the virus!


All said, this mod adds a ton of features which won't fit in a single write-up. If you're ready to take on the daunting task of surviving terrifying diseases, be sure to check out the mod's official page!


This mod is designed to work with Java Minecraft, version 1.7.10.



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