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    Lmao, thanks man.

    I'd say give the first two a try. They reek of dreadful middle schooler writing and fantasies, but hey, I'm proud.

    Link your stuff in your sig or something!

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    In the beginning, there was dirt; from this dirt came stone; within this stone grew coal, iron, and soon diamond. With these tools, Steve made great things, to be viewed by all... But wouldn't it like, really suck, if Steve never finished his magnum opus? So, I'm back.

    I'm zuned1. I wrote the two most viewed stories on this sub-forum, and poured my life into it. I'm 18; when I first started them, I was only 13. My life's changed a lot since then; my mother passed a way little more than a year ago; I'm a lot more happy in my life. But no matter how I changed, I always remember this part of my life. So, I'm here to work on this all over again. I will continue where I was in Vagrants, as I remember what I wanted to do with the plot.

    I hope my writing style hasn't changed too much, or at least not for the worse. If you want to follow me writing it, after I write the first chapter and submit this post I'm gonna go stream some writing on twitch! Follow me on Twitter @zuned11 or on Twitch zuned11! The more support I get, the more I'll keep writing! I'm busy, but if demand is there I'll do it!

    Resurrection of the Mine

    Chapter 1

    It's been a while since I left off, isn't it? Well, for those who don't remember, I'm Alex. I'm currently in a foreign kingdom, with my girlfriend and kidnapped princess Camie. We were at the inn when we left off, and Julia had just woken up.

    We walked into our room at the inn, and one glance told me it all.

    "What the hell are you doing sleeping with her?!" Julia shouted. "She's been trying to kill us this whole time! This isn't the first time either, you douche!"

    "I wasn't sleeping with her! And you have to hear me out! She was possessed by her crown, which the king's been forcing her to wear! She never had free will. She's been a slave to the king's will this whole time. Oh, and it has seductive powers! She can influence other's minds! She can explain the whole thing, right Camie?" I explained. I added that seduction bit myself, gotta cover my own trail, yeah?

    "Yes, Julia. Alex tells the truth. I was possessed by the crown, forced to do actions against my own will. I did not enjoy what I did, but when I had to make action, I was not in control of my decisions, whether it be torturing you or seducing Alex. And I ask that you put it aside, and that we can try to take down the King. I have Alex's support, I will be trying, and with your help, I believe we can take him down. But if you're against us, we will surely fail."

    "Fine, but only if you aren't allowed to sleep in the same room as my Alex," Julia begrudgingly agreed. Camie nodded her agreement. I got Julia some food and we sat down to plan. "We're two soldiers and a brat. What would we even do to storm this castle?" As Julia spoke between bites of bread, I started to draw a plan on a paper. Camie glanced at my work, and dismissed it. "We can't just dig under the wall, and even if we did there are guards along the wall to keep watch inside and outside. Even if you get into the castle yard, there's only one entrance, save for windows. And the watchtowers watch the windows as well, so that won't work. We can't blow a hole in the wall, for the obvious noise issue."

    "Well, thanks for that, Ms. Positive. What do you propose then?" Julia asked. "Sounds like it's impossible to get in without being noticed."

    "There's a rumor of a master thief in this town. No one knows if he exists, there's just a calling card left when valuables are stolen. The thief always leaves a J in redstone in place of the stolen good. No one knows how they do it, only that no one has ever seen the thief. We could see how they do it? Maybe they'll help us. They've stolen from places more secure than the castle." Camie's idea was very far-fetched, chasing after a ghost. But we had no other ideas. "Sure," I said. "How do we lure the thief out then?"

    "I think I've got a plan..." Said Julia. "Camie, where'd you lose your crown?"

    "I lost it when we fell into the lake. When I awoke, I didn't have it, so that's the only place it could be. Why?"

    "We're gonna bait the thief with your evil little crown."

    Chapter 2

    With our plan in mind, we set out to work. We had to set up the crown and get the thief to know about it. So we'd found a big auction taking place, and set about making our ware known. Julia went around asking normal merchants and friends if they knew of a special golden crown with a rare red gem in it. She did this for a week leading up to the biggest auction in the whole kingdom; rumors of a rare crown were spreading like wildfire, everyone wanting to get in on the fortune it would provide, despite not being worth a relative dime. Camie set about making the wealthy informed, sending letters to the elite class, inquiring if they knew where she could obtain the crown.

    And I set about to do what I do best: fight. Underground fighting rings weren't impossible to find, and they were lucrative if you knew what you were doing. Having taken down a great evil once before, most of these guys were nothing. Why was I fighting? I was in charge of fundraising for the auction. It was fun, beating up a few dudes here and there. Bet it on myself and double my money, since no one would bet on a random nobody.

    It didn't take long for the day of the auction. Julia had sourced our outfits; I got a nice suit, and Camie and Julia had some beautiful dresses. We were getting ready in the Inn, putting our outfits on as we prepared for the thief.

    I took a small dagger and put it inside my coat, just in case. I finished and left my room, and headed to Julia's. I walked in and was met with an unhappy surprise.

    "Hey, what the hell?!" Shouted Camie. I'd walked into the wrong room, and at the worst of times. "Ah, ****, I'm so sorry! I'll just go, sorry..." I said, blushing.

    "Well, if you'd asked, I would've still let you in." I blushed as I exited the room, and went to find Julia's.

    "Julia, are you ready?" I asked. She came out in a gorgeous red wool dress. "Yeah, but where am I meant to hide my knife? I don't exactly have pockets." I showed her where she could keep it in her waistband, we got Camie, and went off.

    The auction went relatively smooth. I bought a relic sword using my extra fight money, and waited until our turn. Then, the crown appeared on stage. Gasps were heard around the room as people were in shock about the crown. The auctioneer at the stand announced, "This is the rare Crown of Grivinia, given to us anonymously on the condition that it must be auctioned as a gift to families who have lost blood in the army," and then started the bidding. It started at a moderate value, but in order to escalate the value, I had been tasked to keep betting on it until no one else would. I repeatedly bet against other high class citizens, until eventually, I actually won. My win hadn't been a part of the plan, but it helped.

    After the auction, I was approached and asked what I'd like to do with the crown. I told them to hold it at the auction house for a while until I could collect it safely, knowing that the security here was not the best. We had laid the bait, and now just had to wait for the thief to take it. Me, Julia and Camie would wait out the thief, and catch him in the theft.

    Chapter 3 soon! Please stay tuned! Follow my Twitch or Twitter for updates!

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    I like how you intentionally were like,

    "and yes, it has creepers."

    I dunno why, i just lulz'd at it.
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    I lulz'd so much.

    You have no idea.

    Also, hello. From the past.
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    I gotta say, pretty good. The storyline makes... *no* sense as of now, but I don't think it quite could. 3 different perspectives of 3 different things?

    Although, I will say... The perspective things don't work too well. It gets pretty confusing. People didn't like it in my story, and honestly, it made things harder to write.

    *insert shameless self-advertisement here*

    In all seriousness, check my sig.

    I only used the alternate perspective because the main one couldn't be used, as they were dead. For a while. But then they weren't. So yeah.

    Although I do use it in the second story, then drop it. It was annoying to read/write.
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    Uh, hey... HellstheNetha...

    Could we talk? I don't recall really... Approving this... And if you go and publish it, we have a problem on our hands.
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    This story is ProQuoDuo.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, thats something I've only given to 3 things in this moral universe. I know lots of things, so thats impressive.

    Though, I must say...

    Stabby shabby the guy with the powers... And you get his powers... Wonder where THATS been done before!

    Jk. I'm chill with it. This is something thats beyond awesome, therefore I shall allow it. :wink.gif:

    I'm on chapter 23 or something. I dunno. So.... Lalalala,,,, stories, stories, write some stories, read some stories, talk to authors.... Ask them what their Skype is? :wink.gif:
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    As per your PM, I have reviewed this story...

    Let's start off by saying, this was a story I rather ENJOYED reviewing (not common.)

    A few things I noticed that could help. (If you want the help. If not, please, just let me ramble. These are all but my own opinions, you don't need to follow them.)

    1. Dialogue. I always felt the dialogue was far too direct. There was no real conversation, just... David (right name?) asking questions, Adam answering (again, sorry if the names are wrong) and a few small conversations. There isn't much emotion to be conveyed in this, for lack of ability to convey any. I could tell the mood by looking at the surrounding text, but otherwise it seemed almost bland and more or less a constant sense of urgency.

    2. The overall story feels a bit rushed. Even the little details count. Don't go back and rewrite it, but in the beginning, we got skinny definitions of what was going on. We could gather that he had teleported by... Soda can? And that there was this guy who he knew, but there wasn't much background. This may just be me, but I like to know where my character is coming from. A little more than, "I've got to demonstrate this portal thing!" or "my name is David" but don't overkill it. There are other examples, but I'll just leave it here.

    Well, honestly its rather good after those two points. I like it, and even if I don't read it again, (sorry, i loose track of posts, and time, and... stuff.) it is a beautiful story. Keep going brah!
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    For those of you who care...

    I am making the OHD2M movie.

    Hopefully for realz this time.

    I've decided to do it in animation because it will be easier for some parts, with the rest being very easy for me to control.

    I was wondering, what would be the best software to use, and the easiest for a beginner to pick up on? I could probably find some tutorials, but I'd like some opinions from the community first. Whats got the best plugins, the best renders, the best god-knows-whats? (Those were just terms I've heard thrown around.)

    I'd prefer fairly simple to use/learn, some kind of Minecraft kit, and really rather quick.

    Please help. For the movie. :sad.gif:
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    Good to know. :biggrin.gif:

    Man, I've been thinking of a way for Minecraft fanfics to get out more... There are good ones people don't notice, but like, how do you get it noticed? I wonder.

    Well, I'm gonna sleep, and when I wake up, hopefully I have the motivation to write chapter goddamned 10.
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    So, personal messages are something i get a lot.

    Requests for reviews are something I ALSO get a lot.

    I always look at a story, ALWAYS. I may or may not respond, based on how i think the story has fared/will fare.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how well i think you'll fare, 7.


    Well, for the review of your story...

    The plot so far is quite.... Interesting. Your handling it really well, honestly. I'm just hoping you can keep handling it well. Where it's left off, I feel things are moving a little too fast. Theres no action. Well... Its more like, your saying they're fighting, but you could add a little description/pacing to it. You skip through the day/night, or whatever... It kinda confuses me... Then, theres the cliffhanger you made. Handle it right, is all I can say. On a romantic note, be careful about what you do. Romances for subplots can be tricky to handle, I have experience. (But I intentionally make it hard on myself, by doing the least expected thing.) Just, handle the romance right.

    However. You mentioned that you sometimes think, "Oh, I'm a dreaming dumbass..." (or something) Don't think that. I thought that at first too! I was always like, "people are viewing me, I've got some comments, but... People, are they enjoying it?" I just decided that I needed to continue, and I did. NOW look where I am! Someone at my camp RECOGNIZED ME. IT WAS SO WIERD. (I've never met him tho.)

    Well, keep striving bro. I know I said you got a 6, but believe me, keep trying and you'll hit 10. I ain't no fortune teller, but I'm hoping I shot short.

    Mkay bro?

    PS. I hope you know who i am... XD
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    So I'm about to buy my new computer, and because I'm slightly paranoid because I am putting so much money into this, I was checking compatiblity, and making sure speeds were okay, when I realized my motherboard only runs my two PCIe 2.0 at x16 and x8, not dual x16. In the long run, is this going to make a big difference? I got dual 560's by community suggestion for its superior performance and price compared to the GTX580. However, if they run at different speeds, not the maximum, is this going to impact their performance?

    Also, I have a choice of 2*x16 with 8 SATA ports, and x16+x8 and 6 SATA ports. I will use 6 ports for harddrives (I'm using my dads old [email protected], and his 3 [email protected],000RPM.) with one of the ports used for CD drive. Do I need the two extra SATA or no?

    Sorry if none of that made sense to you.
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    If what your saying means you think that this is abnormal for a Macbook of any model, than you sir need a reality check.

    Sadly, because Macs are made of aluminum, they are quite excellent at retaining your heat. (I might have this mixed up with another metal? Correct me if i'm wrong, I believe it was aluminum that retained heat.) Also, they have a very impractical fan design. The hinge that connects your screen to your body? On the aluminum body, but covered by the damn hinge is the main fan exhaust port. I can not provide a picture, sorry.

    So I suggest you keep using it with cooling devices, thats a for-sure, no lap-use, and also, Google "SMCFanControl." You can change settings on your fan, and also just view the temperature of your computer. Celsius or Farenheit. I use it to make sure my computer stays within operable settings.
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    Quote from 8bitwonder »
    Overclocking a Sandy Bridge chip is about the easiest thing you can do. Just raise the multiplier.

    Raising voltage will increase stability at higher clock speeds but increased voltage also damages your chip, some Sandy Bridge OC guides will be able to give you an idea of what's too high but from memory I think it's 1.5v.

    Also about extreme overclocking... the highest clock I've ever seen was a bit above 8ghz on a Celeron D 360.

    Wow thats overclocked....

    I think I'll just get a guide.
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    posted a message on Rawr, I wanna build a compy!

    I'mn just a bit scared cause I saw that guy who said he overclocked but his volts messed up or something and he fried his card.
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