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    》Enraged Network Have you been looking for an awesome community that creates Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realms? Well our Network is perfect for you! Enraged Network has released, the all new Enraged Prisons. We are a vary stable and well founded Network that is growing bigger and bigger every day. Join and you will fulfill your Prisons experience. Now is your time!

    What it includes:

    1. Fully working Quest System. You can complete quests for loot and rewards.

    2. This server is created by builders and commanders who have years of expertise on building for servers.

    3. Warzone to fulfill your PvP experience!

    4. Over 100+ levels. Casino, and very easy to use shops, but detailed and unique.

    5. Crates! Find crate keys to unlock keys for loot! Common Crate, Rare Crate, Epic Crate, Legendary Crate, Discord Crate, and Enraged Crate!!

    6. Team plots, make a plot with your friends and have fun decorating your plot together. So invite your friends to enjoy our amazing plot system.

    7. Amazing custom textures, items, cool enchant effects and beautiful clouds,sun and moon!

    8. Game Hub. meaning we have little additional games for you to gain loot and rewards.

    9. Fully working event system. You can participate in events to make money and win rewards! There is an event every 20 minutes.


    - KOTH (King of the Hill)

    - Supply Drop

    - Lucky Blocks

    -PvP Mine

    -X2 Haste

    10. Do you like grinding? Good! You can sell your items to become the richest and most powerful player on the realm.

    11. There is much more to see! What are you waiting for, come join!!

    Join Through Our Discord:

    Enraged Prisons is only one of our realms. Join our discord to join our other realms such as Factions/Survival, SkyBlocks, Modded Survival,and Kit PVP!! We will also be hosting weekly giveaways on our discord so don't miss out!!! https://discord.gg/5Mcut36

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