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Wow, are you lost? We don't get much visitors round' here.

I'm currently in high school, unless your reading this in 2018, then I've graduated. I consider myself experienced the following Minecraft based topics: General Minecraft information, Mod installation, setting configuring, server setup (I've got the steps memorized, but I can't get one to run!?!). And I consider myself experienced the following non-minecraft based topics: Computer building, general troubleshooting, 3D Modeling in mostly 3DS Max and Sketchup, Programming. I have experience with Windows, GNU/linux based operating systems (Arch Linux FTW!) and have moderate experience in MacOSX. I have way too much experience debugging things, and figure most things out with a healthy dosage of google (or DuckDuckGo, if that's your thing).

I'm currently aspiring to be a Video Game Designer when I "grow up".

I actually have a website, but I suck at web design, so it might not look so great right now.

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