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Well, I am Zombie_killer, but here and in MC where you will rarely see it outside the Voidteam server. I am more of a creative player, but I enjoy the survival aspect as well.
I live in Norway, if you haven't noticed, more accurately Oslo, our capital (I speak fluent English and Norwegian). It's our biggest city, housing about 600 000 people, so quite small compared to the rest of the world's bigger cities.
Aside from Minecraft I enjoy the Portal games, TRS, RPG and TBS games. I also enjoy skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding, but mostly downhill. I am single, for those who would care, and straight, for those who would care about that.
I like rock music, more specifically alternative rock such as Linkin Park, Dope, Drowning pool and Billy Talent. I enjoy a lot of different music as well, just ask, we might share a couple.

I consider myself as quite a nice guy and pride myself in that. My favorite quotes is by Dalai Lama:
Quote from "Dalai Lama" »
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Quote from "Dalai Lama" »
If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.

Quote from "Dalai Lama" »
The most important thing is to practice brotherly love. As long as your existence is of benefit to others, your life will be meaningful.

I am a shy guy, but not online. I am always looking for new potential friends, and I will try to utilize this forums social side to the fullest.

That's all for now, I just might update this later at some point.
Update: I like reading. A lot. Want to discuss books with me?

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