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    posted a message on 🧇 🧇 🧇 Need staff for a DEVELOPED CUSTOM PLUGIN NETWORK! Survival /skyblock /creative/minigames! [Now accepted over 30 staff!]

    I don’t know if you are still looking for staff, but I’m a good manager with a lot of experience.

    my discord is JstCallMeCharlie#0001

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    posted a message on ⚔️ ZeptixMC ⚔️ Map 2 is about to start, need new staff members!

    5000 x 5000 - Overworld | Custom, near flat terrain with flat bedrock
    3000 x 3000 - Nether/End | Flat End/Nether with flat bedrock and Semi custom warzone

    Warzone Envoy's
    Monthly Loot Boxes - Contains amazing rewards each month
    Hell's Chest - Take a dip in Hell and have a go at taking a Hell’s Chest!

    Pets that give perks

    Shockwave Pickaxes/Harvester Hoes

    Sell wands

    Mob grinding hoppers, mob drop collection hoppers, crop hoppers.

    Chunk collecting void chests with an interactive GUI.

    Better custom enchantments system with gkits!
    Faction boosters

    Better cannoning

    Win-able ranks!

    Daily KoTH and Outpost
    Mob Coins
    Printer mode

    2 minute /roam
    Raid detectors
    Factions fly
    Head Hunting

    Stackable potions
    Throwable Creeper Eggs
    Command gems *(( /nightvision, /roam, /printer, /jellylegs, /creeper, /tnt ))*
    Kit/Gkit vouchers
    In game tags

    Weekly payout

    if you made it this far we are looking for staff as well! Join the discord and apply now before the positions are no longer available!


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    posted a message on ⚔️ ZeptixMC ⚔️ A 1.8 Semi-OP faction Server! Join now!

    Hey there, I am the Sr. Moderator here at ZeptixMC and we are looking for players for our faction server! We just released yesterday so don’t fall too far behind and log on now and get started!

    Here at ZeptixMC we have a FTop reward for the best factions after the season is over.
    Our F Top payouts are:
    🥇 - $10 PayPal Reward & $100 ZeptixMC Store Credit
    🥈 - $10 PayPal Reward & $50 ZeptixMC Store Credit
    🥉 - $25 ZeptixMC Store Credit

    ⚔️ ZeptixMC Map 1 Info ⚔️

    10k by 10k Map
    Flat End and Nether Map
    Sugarcane Economy
    20Member Limit
    25 Roster Limit
    One Ally
    3s Autos
    25 Chunk Buffer Limit
    One corner per faction.
    1 Week Grace Period

    Ip: Play.ZeptixMC.Net
    Discord: https://discord.gg/HcucB8C
    If you have any questions about the server feel free to DM me, JstCallMeCharlie

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