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    posted a message on If you buy Minecraft during beta, will...
    **** yeah, master race alpha here.
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    posted a message on [RANT] With all due respect, shut the hell up.
    Disclaimer : Profanity

    Please leave if your a whiny 10 year old *****. <3.

    I'm getting really annoyed with this website. I come here looking for some good advice on a video game that's in BETA, and all i see is bitching about 'Hurr hurr beta was just a price change and name change hurr durr'
    you know what, Shut the **** up, who the HELL cares about what it is. It's a damn video game and the concept and most of its updates up to this point were made by ONE GUY.

    One damn guy.

    I want you right now, if your the bitchy 12 year old kid who think's minecraft doesnt get enough updates,
    I want you to make a game. I want you to reprogram minecraft, if you have to. I Want you to program a new block,
    a new server-side inventory, New mobs...

    I want you to make the first person element of mining, makingtools, fighting monsters, building houses
    ALL BY YOUR DAMN SELF. Notch is a damn genious, let him take his time. You faggots think notch HAS to give you a new mob or block type INSTANTLY. He was rushed into beta, he announced he was actually going to release the game on december 20th, a long ass time ago. He wanted to keep his promise, so he released it when he said he was. He keep's his promises, and that's great. He created an amazing game.

    Do you understand WHY i'm so mad at all of you? I came here looking for information on if herobrine was finally in this game or not. I found a thread, saying that notch confirmed he wasnt, I was like "Okay, I guess i can understand that" than i look under that post and see "MYNECROFT BETA IS JUST PRICE CHANG AND NAM CHANG IT SHUD NOT B IN BETA NOTCH NEEDS TO GIV US NEW BLAWX AN DSTUFF LOL NOTCH IS FAG HURRR DURRR"
    And now that just makes me mad.

    I can see all the intelligent people out there, saying "I understand, but notch shouldnt be rushed into the beta, he should do what he wants, he should make beta a promising release" But i strongly disagree, he shouldnt have to. He's 1 dude, he can do what he wants with the game he made.

    I'm ****in' done. I feel like the AVGN.

    INB4 : fix your grammar, butthurt whiny faggot;

    I'm not submitting this to the new york times, suck my ****, i can write what i want to.

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