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    Welcome to the Cubic Wasteland Server page! Cubic Wasteland was started with the goal of being a fair and fun place to experience Minecraft with other players. Our Admins strive to be as fair as possible in regards to dealing with players. In return, we ask that our players be mature and friendly.

    Cubic Wasteland is a 1.81 survival server with an emphasis on survival multiplayer and upcoming PvP/Factions. The plugins are updated regularly. Factions will be the next plugin that we focus on to bring you, the player, a better experience. If you would like us to improve upon something, we are always looking for feedback!


    Because the server is dedicated, it costs a large amount of money each month to be maintained. We would like to incorporate donations into our server in the upcoming months in the form of packages. These packages will include rare in-game items and special name tags that only donors will receive. We are always looking for experienced users for help on different aspects of managing server! If you would like to help us, email me at [email protected]
    EDIT: For now, it'd help the server a lot if you could +1 the Reddit Post at: http://www.reddit.com/r/mcservers/comments/lm0sh/cubic_wasteland_small_communitymaturepvpsurvival/


    :Pig: Application:

    Use this format to apply to the server

    About me:

    ALSO: PM the Admin (zanderac)saying when you will get on (so they can add you)

    (This helps the admins/mods coordinate a designated time to add users)

    Server Info:
    Memory: 2GB
    Slots: 25
    IP: In the server list, the server will say, 'COMMUNICATION ERROR', disregard this, it is merely a bug
    Uptime: 99% (dedicated)

    :--+: Updates:

    -Added Essentials Suite
    -Added World Edit
    -Added World Guard
    -Added Permissions

    :tnt: [1] Be Mature!
    :tnt: [2] No greifing (until the factions update)
    :tnt: [3] Respect Admins and other players
    :tnt: [4] No permanent 1X1 towers

    -Fire spread and TNT ignition is disabled for now (until faction update)
    -There is a mail system you may use by typing /mail
    -You may use /sethome and /home commands

    -PvP regions
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    Quote from Telerus

    I honestly think 1.8 was a scam, several months of no updates, and when it's launched it's riddled with bugs that you COULD NOT avoid. Meaning if they even played the game for 10 minutes they would of seen half the bugs the game offered. At any rate yeah 1.8 is pretty cool, did they work on it for the last few months? No, that's for sure they lied to us, who knows what they were doing, prolly their other game called scrolls.

    The 1.8 update has not been released, it's a bug tester version ...
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