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    posted a message on ♠Iron Hearts and Star Lit Skies, A Serious Sci-Fi/Fantasy RP♠ (NOW OPEN)

    IGN(Minecraft User Name): smashpanzer

    Age: 16

    In your own words, define Power-Gaming (PG): Power-Gaming is when a player uses RP in order to force their actions upon other players. Ex. *In a single movement (Insert Generic Name) uses his strength to rip the mans head from his torso.

    In your own words, define Meta-Gaming (MG): Meta-Gaming is when you take OOC information that your character has no right knowing and then giving your character that information. Ex.
    OOC: I am about to assassinate the king
    IC: King: Uh-Oh. I gonna get assasinated. Guards!

    Why do you choose this server: I love RP, minecraft, and Sci-Fi alike. I think this server is a great opportunity for me to develop my skills, meet a good community, and have fun.


    Character Name: Ghint

    Character Age: 32 (Although he is Xeno due to his similarities he ages similar to humans.)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Xeno/Zabrack

    Character Appearance (please be detailed, What are their facial features? What do they wear? Any reasons why they wear this? What is noticeable about them? What is their body type? ): Ghint has one line across his face for every year since his birth. He has no eye-brows, is bald, has rough brown-white skin, and several small horns sticking out of his head. Ghint has green eyes unlike many of the other Zabrack's who's have red, purple, or blue eyes. He wears black robes with a dura-steel safety harness across his waist. His safety harness is so when he is performing maintenance inside of a space ship all he needs to do is set it on a ramp and lure himself down.

    Character personality (Again, please be detailed, How does your character react to others? How do others react to them? What is his thought process when coming into contact with a stranger?):Ghint is a laid-back person. When he meets a new person he is always willing to give them a chance before condemming them. People usually react in fear of Ghint due to the war-like characteristic's of his people. Due to this Ghint has a hard time being friendly but always tries his best. Overall Ghint is a hard-working and trusting person.

    Character Fears (You MUST have at least three fears. You are NOT fearless, why are they afraid of these fears?): Ghint is afraid of the water due to an incident were he nearly drowned. Ghint is afraid of thunderstorms because to his people they are a sign of bad comings, and he is afraid of bandits because they show no mercy. (He also despises them for this)

    Character Jobs/occupation (Past/ present/ future): Past: Mercenary Present: Starship Engineer Future: Starship Engineer.

    Character Hobbies or Recreational Past times:Ghint enjoys playing card games, and gambling in his free time.

    Character Back story (Please make this at least one paragraph and BE DETAILED. Talk about your characters past, Who are they? What type of home or life did they come from, Avoid any cliches like parent-revenge stories): Ghint was born in a small town on a small planet called Dxun. Dxun was a Zabrak native world that was infested by all sorts of deadly and mysterious beasts. As a young child he never strayed to far from his clan. As he grew he learned the Zabrak trade. To be a mercenary. At first Ghint was eccstatic to learn his father's, with whom he had never had anything in common with, trade. However, as he learned more and more about the mercenary life-style the more disgusted he became with it. He was specefically repulsed by the lack of mercy upon their prey. The only two things that appealed to Ghint were the code of honor and starships. When his thirteenth birthday came it was time for him to choose his path which he would study the next ten years. When faced with the choice between stealth, combat, aand "other" (Other being the choice that only the most dishonorable Zabrak chose.) he chose other. When asked what specifically he said starship engineering. His father, disgusted, beat him later that night. The next day he began training. He started learning basic engineering and then went on to nanotechnology, and advance ship hydraulics. Upon his twenty third birthday
    he was preparing for work when a meteor struck his planet. His ship was the only one to escape. And barely at that. He was badly wounded and launched into a nearby asteroid. A few days later he was uncovered by a mining operation and taken back to the Human homeworld. Upon awakening his wounds were bandaged and he was in a jail cell.
    Character Roleplay example (An example of a conversation between you character and a stranger at a tavern after a long trip):
    *Ghint enters the tavern and takes a seat in the corner minding his own buisness*
    *A drunken man walks over to Ghint*
    "Hey! Yeah you! Xenophobe!" said the man "What are you doing in this bar?"
    "I'm not looking for trouble sir, I can see you've had your share of drinks. Let's just keep to ourselves and everything will be fine."
    "Is that a threat?" said the man
    *The man reaches into his pocket and takes out a pistol*
    *The man unloads a bullet at Ghint*
    *Ghint ducks under the table just in time*
    *The man fires three more shots at Ghint, missing due to his intoxication*
    *Ghint prepares to make a run*
    *The man aims and prepares to fire*
    *Ghint starts to run when he notices the police have the man in cuffs*
    "Thank you officers, I don't want to know what could have happend."
    "Don't worry about it Xeno, but next time..for your safety stay away from this part of town. There are to many Anit-Xeno's."

    Character skills (What is your character good at? Make it realistic): Starship Engineering.

    Any other information About your Character or Characters Race: Zabrak's are NOT exctinct. Ghint's clan was simply wiped out. And he is not seeking revenge.

    Final Question: Can you Successfully Navigate Google, To find ways to Downgrade your Minecraft in the event of Dreaded Updates?: I have a special program called Digi-Ex which lets me change my .jar thus allowing me to change my update.
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    Banned for not being default avatar
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    Banned for spelling "Dude wrong"
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    posted a message on ~+THE ROMAN EMPIRE / PvP / Ancient Building / Light Roleplay / 7 Years Active +~
    IGN: smashpanzer
    Age: 16
    What time zone are you in: Pacific Standard
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since Beta 1.7.3

    What division (Civil\Legion) are you interested in joining: I am interested in joining: LEGIO II AUGUSTA
    Have you read the rules: Vae Victis
    Name any clans you've been in: I have been in a Day of Defeat: Source clan in the past but that is it.
    Does the ancient Roman Empire interest you: Yes.

    How active are you throughout the week: 3 hours a day.
    Do you promise to wear a Roman-themed skin at all times: Yes.
    What do you think we expect from you: To be disciplined, respectful, and to provide to the community.
    What do you expect from us: To provide a clan in which I can develop my PVP skills, and meet new people.
    Do you understand you have to check this thread regularly for updates: Yes.
    Do you understand you must install Teamspeak: Yes.

    Do you promise to obey your superiors: Yes.
    Anything else you want to add: No.
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    posted a message on ✧Elmore: The New Journey✧ [WIP] [24/7] [Roleplay] [Hardcore] [MMORPG] [PvP/RP] [PvE] [Factions] [Mature] *Begin Now!* (Need Ser
    Quote from Attacker85

    Good App, but as I said before you have to add this to your normal whitelist app. After i begin to read that, you may be looking yourself as a future RP Manager!
    Quote from Attacker85

    You assumed your role immediately BUT amazing app! I would like you to become a whitelister as you please, and you will be the only exception since I just put up the rule. The only next exception for the next assuming rule will be your queen. But yeah you are Accepted.

    Thank you, I look forward to working with you. Also I have very little experience as a whitelister but everyone needs to start somewhere right?
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] ►►►Ancient Shores◄◄◄ [Greylist, Classes, Jobs, Games, CTF, RP, Towns, Economy, Shops, NPCs Nether & End]
    Minecraft Username:smashpanzer
    Agree on that above rules: Yes
    Who is this server for?Me and others who play on it
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    posted a message on ✧Elmore: The New Journey✧ [WIP] [24/7] [Roleplay] [Hardcore] [MMORPG] [PvP/RP] [PvE] [Factions] [Mature] *Begin Now!* (Need Ser
    Why us?: I am looking for an RP server taking its first steps so that I may join it and watch it grow.
    Define Role-Playing in your words: Role Playing is creating a character and then developing that character in a way you see fit.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Meta Gaming is taking information from OOC that your RP character has no right knowing and using it in RP.
    Define Power-gaming in your words: Power gaming is using RP to force your actions upon others. For example,

    Man 1: Die!
    Man 2: /me takes out his sword and charges the man
    Man 1: Uses his magic powers to kill Man 2 in one hit.

    Name: Inthril Tyrialis
    Nickname?: King Tyr
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tyr is a middle age, native Elmorian. He has dark hair, eyes as green as emeralds. He wears a golden crown passed down from Tyrialis genrations. He wears a traditional red robe when attending court meetings and a green one when walking through his castle and attending other matters.
    Personality: Tyrialis is fair to the people whom he likes, and treat him with respect. However he is vile to any who cross him. He does not make friends easily and feels everyone unless proven otherwise is beneath him.
    In-game RP example:
    *Tyrialis walks down his magnificent hallway*
    Messenger: "Your highness! Your Court-Magician requests your presence."
    Tyrialis: "Very well messenger, you may return to your duties."
    *Begins making his way towards the Court Magicians chambers*
    *Arrives and opens the door*
    "You called for me (insert court mage name)?"
    Court Mage: "Yes your highness," *bows* "I have dire news."
    Tyrialis "I'am listening."
    Court Mage: "Sir the Rebulution forces have laid siege to Fort Filtraid (Let’s pretend that’s the name of the fort where the general stays."
    Tyrialis "That is dire news indeed. Tell me, how many of our soldiers were positioned there?"
    Court Mage: "Only your guard remains."
    Tyrialis "I see."

    Background: (Please make it very detailed for your character. Mention your childhood, and how you got to Elmore, in 2 separate paragraphs. Please feel free to make up any country/cities across the continent of Cambridge. Maybe we will choose one, for our official map)
    Inthril Tyrialis was a native born Elmorian .He grew up in his father’s castle where he was taught the basic knowledge he would need to become king one day. As he aged so did his mischievous side grow. At age seven he was found stealing supper from the pantry. At age 12 he had been caught red-handed showing his friends his father's crown. Finally, at age 17 he was caught preforming relations with his advisors daughter. For his father this was the final straw. He had Tyrialis pack his belongings. He was sending him to Oden’s Ford in Cambridge. Oden’s Ford was one of the most prestigious academies in the land of Emlore, and Cambridge alike. At Oden’s Ford he was taught politics, basic combat strategy, and basic swordsmanship. He spent the next several years at Oden’s Ford. His rebellious side was quickly beat out of him. At Oden’s Ford he was instilled with honor, discipline, as well as integrity. After only two weeks at Oden’s Ford he was already the best in his class. Seeing his vast improvement he believed he was better than his peers. After five years he was ready to return home.
    Once he returned home he was met by his father and his mother. They greeted him with open arms but he no longer felt compassion for them like he used to. Fearing he was going to live out the rest of his days rotting in his father’s castle Tyrialis hatched a plan. In the middle of the night he would sneak away from the castle and go to Fort Lithian in Cambridge. Tyrialis packed the essentials and snuck away in the night. There were many times when he almost turned back and returned to his warm bed beside his fireplace but he knew that if he did that he would forever under his parents thumb. They would control him. Tyrialis summoned the strength and continued. Tyrialis finally found his way to Fort Lithian only to find the gates locked to him. Infuriated Tyrialis stormed off and returned home bitter as ever. Unfortunately while he was away his father had passed away leaving him the throne. At first Tyrialis didn’t know how to react. After he got over his feeling of confusion he mourned for days. Once he was contempt with his father’s passing he entered his father’s court and stepped up as king of Emlore. I have entered the Journey.
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    posted a message on ✧Elmore: The New Journey✧ [WIP] [24/7] [Roleplay] [Hardcore] [MMORPG] [PvP/RP] [PvE] [Factions] [Mature] *Begin Now!* (Need Ser

    How long have you've been into RP?:I have been into RP ever since I purchased minecraft. As a matter of fact it was Candles LOTC Let's Plays that introduced me with minecraft.

    Explain any situations that may happen upon your experience as an RP Manager and what will you do to help?: As an RP Manager I expect to encounter situations where I may find metagamers and powergamers. In these situations if it is a first time occurrence I will explain the guilty party what they did wrong and how they can prevent it from happening again.

    How will you help this server?: I will be a responsible, fun RP Monitor who knows from experience that an abusive staff member takes away from everyone else on the servers fun.


    Name 3 RP Plugins:Essentials (For its /nick function) mcMMO for its skills system (or Heroes), and last but certainly not least HeroChat so that you can speak in /local, /ooc, and /global.

    If someone is power-gaming, how will you handle the situation?: If it is a first time offender I will tell them what they did wrong and then tell them how they can avoid it in the future. If it is a multiple time offender I will warn them that they are traveling down a bad RP path.

    I feel I should bring to your attention...I have entered the journey.
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    Question. What is the best weapon in the game? And how is the Divine Sword obtained in the game?
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    Sent app!
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    Austin is the BEST admin.
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    Sounds very interesting! Tell me when I may post an app for pre-release
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Tales of Krynn |RP/PVP/Survival| [CTF] [War] [Battlenight]
    Sounds like a cool server for a cool book series :)
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