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    I want Gallium to be featured in MC in some way, it's tied with Platinum for being my fave element on the periodic table

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    Platinum is my favourite element on the periodic table so it is definitely needed in minecraft.

    Platinum OrePlatinum IngotPlatinum Block

    Uses for Platinum:

    Platinum Armour, Sword and Tools - Not much needs to be said there

    Halberd - A large two-handed pole weapon that does 12 hearts of damage

    Laptop - A Device that would have many functions

    • Order from Villagers at home.
    • Ability to see the Minecraft Time
    • Ability to teleport Players and Mobs to you
    • and possibly more

    Platinum Golem - A golem that is used for creating emeralds every hour in the game.

    Thoughts on my favourite element being in Minecraft?

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