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    posted a message on Is there a mod for latest version of Minecraft where tree saplings popped from trees get planted automatically upon grounding?

    I saw some mods like this but they're for ancient versions of Minecraft. Is there any available for the latest version?

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    posted a message on Release of my old WIP CoD: WaW Shi No Numa map made for 2012-13 Minecraft

    I don't have a clue if I ever released this map but back in 2012 when I was 13, I started working on a huge project, the Shi No Numa map from Call of Duty 5 ported to Minecraft. I had completely forgotten it existed until I just started poking at my old Mediafire files.

    I don't know will the map work and for what Minecraft version they are. It seems I had multiple versions of it but I've no idea what their differences are.



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    posted a message on Public release of bunch of WIP Techne models for a Dead Space mod

    Back in 2016 I started making models for yet another Dead Space mod which never came into fruition (sadly), after who knows how many tries. I decided to now publicly post the models I made which have been sitting in my hard drive for almost 4 years now before I delete them or who knows what happens to them, do whatever you want with them, however, I'd appreciate some sort of credit for making them.

    It's a shame none of the mods really finished when I personally had interest in this game and before Fortnite and other battle royale games kinda killed the modding community of Minecraft.

    I'll post the entire folder of everything I had. Includes stuff for a Dead Space mod and I'm pretty sure some other stuff. Back in 2014, I also made a huge Godzilla model based on the 2014 film for that old Godzilla franchise mod, not sure if the mod exists anymore though, but the model can be found here as well, I don't have a clue what its state is.

    Bear in mind I don't know will any of those models work, I don't really wanna bother testing them since I was going to delete them permamently from existance but I feel like this is the better way of doing it.

    Here ya go:


    Edit: It seems I had bunch of files in my old Mediafire archive. I'll publish the entire folder:


    I'll see if I can find some preview images of the models. I don't seem to have access to my old accounts for this forum anymore so not sure how easy that is going to be. And it seems that the old threads have been wiped of existance.

    Edit: Well, I managed to find at least some images of the models that probably are included in that zip file. Unfortunatly it seems that my old threads and accounts were wiped along with rest of the images.

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