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    while we wait for this to be updated drzhark i thought we could see wait creatures we think would be cool to be added to the mod and mayb help give drzhark some ideas.

    i have a list of creatures i thought would be cool and some more breeding mechanics would be cool too.

    dragons(like almost as many as horses all mountable and flying)
    cat(lol i want a kitty)
    giant scorpions
    flying lions
    more spider types
    more skeleton types
    whatever lapras is lol(mountable, tameable, etc.)
    giant squid

    and then breeding
    giant scorpions/flying lions = manticores
    diff dragons mixed = diff dragons (that u cant find in wild)
    more horse types(ice horse....)

    lol this is just things i was thinking would be cool. of course some of these might not fit but might as well throw some ideas and fantasies around
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