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    posted a message on A few suggestions for MC vita edition
    I have a small list of suggestions for MC as a whole & some vita specific, and figured I would post it here xD

    1.) Suggestion: make manually saving reset timer on autosave

    reason: had more then a few times where i would save, & it would autosave within a minute after & it gets rather annoying, & could potentially cause write issues if timing is to close?

    2.) Suggestion: Add obsidion-class bricks (like 1/2 durability & unmovable) for popular bricks such as stone, stone bricks, nether bricks, etc, would help alot with designs & the recipe could be something simple like 4 regular bricks in a square to make one 4x as strong?

    reason: i would LOVE this for designing around redstone systems requiring obdidion for its properties & other asthetic building needs..

    3.) Suggestion: add ingame option to mute villagers &/or NPC's

    reason: ...seriously?? you cannot tell me i am the only one who gets p!$$3d off walking into their villager farm...

    4.) Suggestion: add option to edit sign text, like hold ltrigger with a sign/axe in your hand, or similar method

    reason: i hate remaking signs with a lot of text xD

    5.) Suggestion: Add option to set network mode (Eg: offline, AD-HOC, or PSN) while ingame

    reason: this should be pretty self explanitory, expecially for vita

    6.) Suggestion: add option to "reset chunks" (reload map) to start menu ingame

    reason: this would be a simple solution to the common issue of chunks disappearing when first joining, causing player(s) to either relog or enter & exit the nether

    7.) Suggestion: add a compressed level.dat to save folder & use for "revert" option to restore previous save for each map, & add option to disable in map menu

    reason: this would allow players to revert on corruption or issues in saves, or whenever needed & would be a valid option for a portable device, & compression would not have to be extreme to make it neglegable, making it plausable even for smaller memory cards

    8.) Suggestion: add option inside player menu to purge players of items in inventory when kicked from server

    reason: this would be good for the trolls who come in and steal a bunch of stuff & just love to destroy things >.< & would make them less likely to repeat if they are allowed to rejoin on a later occasion

    9.) Suggestion: add stained glass!!!

    reason: add it o.O
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    posted a message on absolutely EPIC seed, nuff said

    ey everyone, was at it again & used my methods to generate a new test world (i have certain standards, & have certain requirements for start areas & biome selection is key o.O

    Anyways, i loaded the test world like normal & decided to look around a little bit before i got into construction of the new grinder for testing (i need real world (not superflat) test results) & was immediately impressed, i then took abit of extra time looking around & im glad i did, i will say however the thing that caught my attention the most is the nether, i was literally blown away & sat my vita down for a few moments.

    [BOLD]If you need a mushroom biome, or require lots of netherrack, THIS IS NOT THE SEED FOR YOU[/BOLD]

    Here are a few key points worth investigating (X,Y,Z), all coords mark center of target unless otherwise stated:

    -67,35,291 - Fortress library 1 (1chest, contains 4 books)

    -18,41,265 - Fortress library 2 (1 chest, contains 1 map & 6 paper)

    -41,33,231 - End portal location

    360,43,-392 - Abandoned mineshaft entrance (leads into a ravine with 2 minecarts, 10 iron, 3 gold, 6 pumpkin seeds, 8 redstone dust, 3 bread)


    -211,14,215- Zombie, 1 chest & contains:

    - 1 saddle, 3 string, 2 bread, 2 wheat, 1 iron horse armor, 1 enchanted book (respiration III).

    -352,26,83 - Zombie, 1 chest & contains:

    - 2 music discs(different), 2 bread, 2 string, 1 iron ingot, 1 saddle

    -354,47,27 - Zombie, 0 chests

    331,47,-81 - Zombie, 1 chest & contains:

    - 2 nametags. 2 music discs (different), 1 redstone dust, 1 saddle, 4 wheat

    -353,29,-235 - Zombie, 2 chests & contains:

    - 3 music discs (same), 2 redstone dust, 4 string, 2 gunpowder, 1 bucket, 1 gold horse armor, 1 gold apple, 1 diamond horse armor, 1 saddle, 1 nametag, 3 wheat

    -355,37,40 - Skeleton, 2 chests & contains

    - 7 iron ingots, 5 wheat, 2 music discs (same), 3 gunpowder, 1 bread, 2 redstone dust, 8 string, 1 bucket, 1 nametag, 1 enchanted book (umm, i messed up..)

    -306,46,-380- Skeleton, 1 chest & contains:

    - 2 saddles, 1 nametag, 4 iron ingots, 2 string, 1 music disc, 1 iron horse armor

    I am about to upload some pics aswell, the first being a completed world map for observation purposes, second being a sky view (non-spoiler) of the most intense part, i should note i only went around 3/4 of the world border to get the above coords, if you find anything i didnt mention (you will), post your findings!

    You spawn in the middle of a plains biome next to a small town, if you make your nether portal here you can easily get into the fortress, on the top level inside the chest, i will not place coords, its easy enough, theres 3 diamonds inside, if you are smart enough to reset your nether with a portal here you can have infinite diamonds easy

    Seed ID: 8031485492763550479

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    posted a message on (Another) quick redstone question - two sticky pistons powered by one power source?

    Yes, the bottom piston is I BUDded at this point, & becomes activated whenever the top one activates (both on & off), gumba said it perfectly & gave you a perfect link to research abit more on the topic, its a great feature & can be used for MANY purposes including compacting wiring, automating farming, etc. I suggest reading up on it! It is very useful information when learning redstone :)

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    posted a message on Is this forum completely abandoned?

    Well said. ;)

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    posted a message on Redstoners wanted.
    yo wattup dude always good to know more redstoners ;)

    feel free to add me, my psn id is the same as my username here
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    posted a message on perfect survival seed
    Seed ID is: 7589405956576432721

    This seed is great for survival as it spawns you at the edge of a jungle biome right by a desert village, i would suggest making that area your main base if using this map for survival

    it has a lot to offer, including the ability to build a double efficient xp farm (2 spawners within 10 blocks of each other, stacked, allowing for maximum spawns), and slime zone, all within a few chunks of each other :)

    i will be uploading a few screenshots from my world shortly, but i have made a list of what i have found noteworthy

    1.) Towns:

    77,73,117 - Desert town (close to spawn)

    -400,74,10 - Desert waterfront town

    364,67,-205 -stone town with lots of wood not far from first town

    2.) Spawners:

    Zombie: -139,45,76 & 46,22,91 & -156,13,35

    Skeleton: -198,19,35 & -203,16,-29

    3.) Initial spawn: 154,73,260

    4.) Fortress entrance (center point of origional 3x3 stairwell, yes i am that specific): -172,49,-12

    5.) Mushroom island (complete with 2 giant mushrooms): -7,68,-294

    6.) Diamonds!: -350,6,-376 & -162,12,-332 & 137,12,-296 & 139,14,113 & -242,13,-125

    7.) LOTS of ore close to spawn: 66,72,43, this one has a large drop, but a waterfall near the top to allow you to get down and up easily, so just bring sticks for torches :P

    Order of uploaded images is:
    1.) Completed map, but ignore that grey block on the right side, thats my fortress, and 1/2 underneath is supposed to be sand biome xD
    2.) me staring at spawner 1 in my double spawner
    3.) me staring at spawner 2 in my double spawner
    4.) me staring at coal chest 1
    5.) me staring at coal chest two to ensure you're aware there is no shortage of coal on this world xD considering i have 20+ furnaces i just topped off to full 64 each xD

    i also have locations for slime rooms and perfect spots for nether portals to build a blaze farm easily right beside your portal

    i also put my fortress in "show your creations" section if you want to see what i am working on on this one xD
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    posted a message on Should i post pictures of a Slenderman map i made?
    Quote from kristianj99

    Nah, I dont think the screenshot section of the pocket edition forum would be the right place to put screenshots. -_-

    my thoughts exactly.
    why post screenshots in a screenshot subforum?
    some ppl...
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    posted a message on MCPE Best Seeds! 101+ Seeds!
    Seed: yourmom
    nice map with a few nice cliffs, a few decent flat areas, a big lake, waterfall & all :) appears to be a decent one
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