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    1-[/b] Complete Mineacraft Name (Respect caps and _): jupiterOne

    2-[/b] Do you have a Discord? yep.

    3-[/b] How often do you use it? never not using it

    4-[/b] What do you like the most about ADK? the community's pretty pog.

    5-[/b] How did you find ADK? reddit post.

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    The tesla sketch is really cool right? :D Rodol was working on it really hard!
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    Your banners are cool, yeah! Where did you make them?
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    No, Funball. We have moved to our website, where we have a forum of our own and are active there. Rodol is coding pretty often- the next update is going to be HUGE and awesome, so give him some time! Rodol's not your slave. He doesn't need to release updates all the time, so he won't! Rodol plays Minecraft as well, okay?

    The next update is going to be great- force fields, power systems, and so many more new things! I'm very excited and pleased with how it's coming out, and I can't wait for all these awful bugs to be smashed so everybody can enjoy it as much as I do! You see, I've been beta testing features of it, and it's really exciting and innovative! So, don't worry, just enjoy the current update and all the other amazing mods out there- It'll be out when it's stable and ready to use.
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    Out-Of-Character Information

    What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: - rodophita
    How old are you?: - 13, 14 soon.
    What time-zone do you live in?: - United States, EST.

    Have you ever roleplayed before - if you have, how?: - I've roleplayed on a few choice minecraft servers, and on a forum-based roleplaying site I am quite active.
    Have you been on any other roleplaying servers?: - I have played on a Steampunk server and another one, a Fantasy, roleplay server.
    Have you applied to this server before?(Please link past applications): -

    How did you hear about us?: - I was browsing for a worthwhile roleplay server, and when I came upon this I immediately thought of Lord of the Rings, which I adore.
    What do you think the server will be like? - Of course it won't live up to all my expectations, but I have high hopes for this server and its users either way.
    Have you read and agreed to the rules?: - Yes.
    What’s your favourite rule / the rule you agree with the most?: - I appreciate the addition of the building rules. I have quite an eye for architectural theme and building aesthetics, so thank you for adding it.


    What is roleplaying?: - Roleplaying is the act of becoming a character and creating the world around you for entertainment.

    What’s metagaming?: - Metagaming is the act of using information gained through extraterrestial (out of character) means, and using it in character.

    What’s powergaming?: - Powergaming, simply put, is not giving your roleplaying partners a choice. It is usually portrayed in battle, but it can also be in tiny things, like deciding whether to walk to a place or not.

    In-Character Information

    What’s your character called?: - Chamomile Octavia, her male alias is Chronos Octavian. She's sometimes nicknamed Moth due to her speed and weapon.

    What race are they (and sub-race)?: - Human

    What sex are they?: - Female

    How old are they?: - 20

    Give us a brief description of their life - their story, childhood, family (Include server lore when writing): - Moth grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of a city, the name of which she didn't bother to learn, and soon forgot either way. Her mother was very kind and proper, a regular housewife who wanted none of this "adventure" buisness in her daughter's head, and so taught her to knit and clean. Her father wasn't around often, being more than busy with his farm. In this fashion Moth grew, a humble little child, not too beautiful or plain. But she was skilled with her knitting needles, nobody could deny her that. Her doilies and scarves were perfectly knit and the pride and joy of her parents.

    Soon however, this newfound skill earned her parents money. And of course, in celebration, they adapted the skill of the invalids, or drinking. Growing corrupt and greedy on the wine and money, Moth's parents made her work harder- and harder. They were not bad people, to be sure, they fed her and gave her wonderful clothes and soaps and whatnot- but refused to let have her freedom. In retrospect, this was foolish of them- Moth was nearing 16, and the hormones absolutely refused to let her be quiet, giving her a rebellious streak across her otherwise shy personality.

    She managed to live two lives, one at night, training battle skills in her room with her lovely metal knitting needles, and one come the sun, knitting away all day, for 4 more years. But when puberty left her, the damage was done. Under the light of a full moon, she dressed in her more utilitarian clothes, chopped off her hair, and bound her chest to disguise as a boy. Packing bread, yarn, a tinderbox, and a satchel of coins, she ran away, taking her chances in the night.

    What are they like (personality)?: - Moth is quiet and introverted, but she has what people call a "third eye" to see into people. She can tell right from wrong, her morals being as sure as a compass and precise as a clock. Being born into a humble family, she is tempted easily by the offer of influence and riches, but she wouldn't trade the universe for her freedom. She's fierce if not shy, a lion in guise as a lamb. Kind and considerate, she is selfless and frequents homeless shelters, orphanages, and medical centers to hold the hand of somebody sad and cheer them up.

    What are their ambitions?: - Moth would love to become somewhat wealthy and respected, and move to a house in the mountains or near a lake- somewhere with nice scenery- and raise an adopted child or children. She wants to die of old age in a beautiful place, happily and with her grandchildren surrounding her and holding her hand, and maybe a spouse kissing her forehead.

    Do they have any special skills?: - Her knitting needles. Seriously, it's like they're part of her, she can fight with them, poke a fire, make a sweater, use them as leverage to open a locked door, handholds to climb a tree- if she can think of it, she can do it with her knitting needles.

    She's pretty fast, and can blend into a crowd, making her hard to chase.

    What are their weaknesses?: - Her attack style is very agile and open, relying on her reactions to carry out attacks. If even for a nanosecond she is confused, that leaves her open for an attack.

    Being raised by a housewife she thinks herself inferior to men and tends to shy away from them, even when disguised as one.

    Moth is extremely frightened of drunkards and drinking in general, and cannot stand by the thought of not being able to control her actions.

    Moth isn't confrontational and prefers to do things indirectly. When confronted, she tends to flee.

    Give us a description of how they look (not a screenshot yet!)?: - Chamomile is described by one word- average. She has mouse brown hair, not straight but not curly, choppily cut just to below her ears and hugging her neck and the sides of her face. Her eyes are mellow green-yellow, reminding you of grass in springtime and not much else, darting around like a cornered cat. Her nose is small, cute and angular and dusted with freckles. Moth's mouth is small and pink, the lips pressed together tightly and chapped, cut from her habit of biting them. She's wearing a slate gray shirt, finer material than the passerby would care to observe, and if you know her well you'd realize inside the sleeves are one little compartment each, a metal needle snug in its cloth blanket. Along with the shirt is a leather vest, buttoned up and plain, not serving much purpose, and a pair of gray pants and leather moccasins. Then you notice she has a gray, shapeless messenger bag, and suppose it simply has some essentials, bread, water, money, et cetera.

    Anything else you want to say about them?: - I'm not sure what items could represent the knitting needles- any ideas?

    Please give us a screenshot of your character’s skin: -
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    ^^^I drew that! The comics are wip, but they're gonna be posted asap! uwu
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    Quote from Ryanroo2

    Does this cause a lot of lag?
    :Pig: :Ham: :Notch:
    Also do you think this will go on multi servers?

    The mod is literally lag free, and it has multiplayer support as well as an official server.
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    Quote from Dhdhq290

    As I got this mod I'll try to make an adventure map
    the name will be return of the hero.
    whit trap's and tower's and quicksand entrance's and secret's and so on.

    Nice! That's a good idea :3
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    The server is already up, as seen on the website, you can log on and play there.
    The IP is:
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    Banned for sitting on your head because of portalception.
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    Banned for default avatar.
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    Finally, you posted it! Congrats!
    (Somehow I think this should actually be in Minecraft Mods, not in discussion.)
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    Out-Of-Character Details

    Minecraft Account Name: My account name is "rodophita" with no capitals.
    How old are you?: My age is 13.
    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: I live in the U.S. and my timezone is Eastern Time.
    Do you have a good grip on English grammar and the English language?: I'm pretty sure I do- if you disagree, an explanation would be required.
    Have you had any previous experience in roleplaying?: I have roleplayed in a steampunk server and a medival server, and am active in a diverse roleplay forum.
    Have you read and understood and agree to the rules?: I agree completely to all of the rules.
    How did you hear about the Lord of the Craft?: I was browsing for a roleplay server on the Minecraft Forums.
    Link any previous applications you have made to the Lord of the Craft: I had made a work in progress application yesterday and posted it to save it, but apparently it was deleted. I didn't like it that much anyways, it was a cliche character with no depth or real thought given, but I did some reading up and have improved.
    Have you posted this application on Minecraft Forum? If not, post it here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/832121-the-lord-of-the-craft-enter-the-world-of-asulon-o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y-t-h-e-n-o-1-r-p-s-e-r-v-e-r-100-unique-gameplay/! : By the time you are reading this, I probably have.


    In your own words, define what the act of roleplaying is: The act of roleplaying is to pretend of make believe you are another person or character, sometimes from a story, video game, or movie, and other times created youself, and acting out the life of that person. It can be in real life or virtually.
    In your own words, define what the act of meta-gaming is: Meta gaming is to use information given out of roleplay inside roleplay, such as this:
    [OOC] <Steva> Where is the tavern?
    [OOC] <Steve> The tavern is in Defaultville.
    [RP] <Steva> "I remember where the tavern is now!"
    In your own words, define what the act of power-emoting is: Poweremoting, also known as godmodding or powergaming, is to act unrealistically in a roleplay enviroment.
    [RP] *Steva runs at the thief and backflips over him while drawing a diamond dagger and stabs him in the back, then kicks him down and takes his things.
    Steva is completely at fault here. Not only is this unrealistic, she didn't give the thief time to react.

    In-Character Details

    Character Name:"My name is Chirrwuln, but call me Chir, everybody calls me that!"
    Character Race: "I'm a wolf, a furry, cute, fluffy woolf!"
    Character biography - Make this at least 2 paragraphs long, which must explain your character’s history, appearance, personality, age and any other details you deem necessary: "I lived the strangest life anybody ever saw- I was born on a farm to Malilirr and Igneiheiu, mom and dad. While my friends played and had fun, I was in the barn, looking at the animals, working with them. I love animals, they're so wonderful, don't you think? Well, one day a really oooold wizard with a really looooooong white beard showed up, he was weird! He said his name was Jown- strange name, huh? And he saw I loved working with animals, so he said that he could do a spell so I could talk to animals, only that I wouldn't be able to talk to elves or dwarves or orcs or humans anymore, and I said why not, I didn't like talking to them anyways, I love being with animals, let's do this! So he sang a bit, and I was laughing and asking what he was saying, and suddenly I was growing smaller and I couldn't stand on four legs anymore, my vision and smell sharpened, and I looked around at my wagging tail and asked "What happened?!" because I was a wolf! And the wizard looked surprised, he said the spell had gone wrong and I was a wolf!" At this point Chirrwuln shakes his furry chestnut head and looks at you with his big amber eyes. "And I will say no more."

    The part he didn't say:
    His parents didn't know he had turned into a wolf and tried to kill him, and he ran away into the wilds. The wizard was captured and hanged publicly, but he didn't know that.

    His appearance & personality: Chirrwuln is a strangely chestnut colored wolf, he inherited his hair and eye color from the transformation. He is larger than most wolves and has curly fur, soft and shiny. His eyes are larger and more humanoid than that of a wolf's, and colored amber, the color of a sunset. He has a sort of satchel on him where he carries his things, and although he can't put things in he can talk in the common speak and ask others. Chir has a snow white belly where the fur is very soft.

    He's a very happy go lucky, kind, peacable elfwolf and very friendly, but he's at unease with his body and sometimes thinks he's still an elf. He has a great sense of humor and is very clever. His one big fault is his peacable personality- he never wants to fight. Chir is an extreme pacifist: Even when it's obvious he's going to have to fight or die, he won't fight.

    What are your characters ambitions?: To become a elf again, or maybe find a nice owner or pack, or even raise a family with another wolf. His main ambition is to live his live as happily as possible.
    Please provide an in-game screenshot of your skin here:http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a2cc28b3127ccef187b65e330400000030O00QZMmrJwzcNQe3nww/cC/f%3D0/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/ (I know, the skin is horrible, but I can, and will, improve upon it. But for now, there you go.)
    Is there anything else you would like to say about your character: ...It's allowed to be a talking wolf, right?...I took a mary-sue test on him, and it said no, my character isn't a mary-sue or gary-stu...


    Each question here must be answered with a minimum of one full paragraph, and detail the scene you are given in the way it would happen in roleplay. These questions should be answered in first person. Be detailed, not short.

    Upon entering the Mighty Human City of Arethor, you come across a shop-keeper calling out to sell his wares to passers-by. The shopkeeper is not a Human, he is a poor dwarf looking to make a living in a new city. What is your response?
    "Dear shopkeeper, what are your wares? I am feeling hungry, have you any meat in stock?" The shopkeeper jumps back at being talked to by a wolf, and quickly regains his wits and replies "Yes, 25 minas for a piece of steak." Chir nods and asks "Would you be so kind as to take a hundred minas out of this satchel on my back and place in three pieces of steak and give one to me, so that I may eat?" The shopkeeper nods and does as told, but takes two hundred minas out instead of one hundred. Chir notices this and says "Shopkeeper, I suggest you put back the extra, for I have eyes and if you are to make a living you shall have to be honest, for the humans in this city have eyes too. However, you may keep the minas as you are poor, and use it for the right reasons, too: spending it all in the tavern is not a wise choice." The dwarf looks stunned but nods, and puts away the minas. Chir devours the meat and continues on his way.

    You’re wandering the Oren Road late at night, when a large Orc begins to threaten a nearby dwarf. There is no help nearby, and the situation looks like it will escalate into violence soon, what does your character do? Chir simply breaks into a run, avoiding the situation. When he reached a sentry tower he yells that there is a fight down the road, and continues running, hoping that help will arrive.

    Whilst walking down the road to Malinor, you stumble upon an old man. His walking stick , looks weak and frail, and just as you are about to ask something, the stick breaks, and the man falls to the ground. As he falls down, a bag of Minas falls to the ground, and splits open. As you watch the multiple coins spill out, you peer down at the defenceless man. What does your character do?: Chir says "Old man, do you need help? The old man replies in a throaty, hoarse voice "Yes... yes please..." Chir nods and says "I shall pick up your bag of minas, you can use me to help yourself up. Where were you headed?" The old man says "Malinor." He nods and paws the minas back into the bag as best as he can, then picks it up between his teeth and walks over to the old man, who lifts himself up using Chir as a sort of walking-stick, and they both set out slowly to Malinor.
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    Thank you for the promotion, I'll do my best.

    Although I don't know, thieves to marines? Oh well. Couldn't we be at least pirates, or privateers?
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