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    posted a message on [1.5.2]~LithiumCraft~ [PVP | Factions | 24/7 | Friendly Staff]

    LithiumCraft is back.

    Under new hosting, we still offer the friend community that we always had for the past 2 years. Some of you might know us as INewCraft, but we are on a new name now. Factions, PvP, Drop Partys... We got it all! Join now.

    Server Info
    • Dual Intel Xeon CPU
    • 3GB DDR3RAM
    • 100 Mbps Connection
    • US East Hosted
    • 150 Slots
    • Friendly Staff
    • Factions PvP
    • And more!!!

    Join today at
    We will see you there!

    ~LithiumCraft Staff
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    posted a message on Hacked/modified clients
    You cannot prevent a user from used a hacked client. If that was possible 85% of the minecraft players would not be allowed on server. Not because they have hacked client but because they have other mods like TooManyItems or OptiFine. The best way to prevent players from using hacked client is to install the NoCheatPlus plugin. It prevents player from doing many thinks with hacked clients such as flying, AimBot, HighJump and other hacks. Also, just because a server is on Tekkit, doesn't mean your safe. There are many Tekkit Clients on HF available.
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    posted a message on great server
    You fail because there is no IP. Next time , at least put in effort.
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    posted a message on EverythingEris.com Join now
    go to this server. When you log on say "yourface44 is awesome" and you will get diamonds
    IP: mc.EverythingEris.com
    they have PvP and friendly staff
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    posted a message on Minema 3.2 - The smooth movie recorder
    Wow it surprises me how much this mod came a long. I guess I should feel good because I was one the the first people to try it.
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    posted a message on DOWN WITH GRIEFERS!
    Quote from Whoever01

    Your one of those idiots from ICHG

    NukedU is a cool guy. Don't say crap about people unless you know them.
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    posted a message on DOWN WITH GRIEFERS!
    Nice thread Dr. Flint. I have to give it to you. I say you deserve to be grief. You act like a redditor and go around pissing around iCHF.
    **** off
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    posted a message on Survival Fation Server
    Join this minecraft server with pvp, factions any many more.
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    posted a message on ~+INFERNO CRAFT+~ [CHESS][FACTIONS][RPG][PVP][SURVIVAL]
    Dude wrong section.
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    posted a message on INewCraft Server
    INewCraft is one of the best servers out there!With friendly admins, 5GB or dedicated RAM,
    you'll have a blast on our server!

    *PvP enabled.
    *Suvaival AND creative avalible.(creative only avalible to Trusted Builders).
    *Cool Spawn area (opening soon)
    *Land Protection avalible. Ask an admin for it.
    *All players are free to build watever you want( Town, Mansion,City,etc.)
    *server website has updates on our server and also FORUMS!!!!!!
    *20 Player slots. More will be added as server gains more popularity.
    *5GB of RAM, so less lag for thoose of you who knew us in the the past
    *and many more!!!!!!!!!
    Come and and Join our server now!!!You wont regret it!!!
    -----[admin]YourFace(Guy who posted this)

    (the persoon who posted this isn't the owner.He is an admin)
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    posted a message on IMinecraft Tekkit Server
    Welcome to IMinecraft Tekkit Server!!! The Best server running IC2 and PedPower!!!
    IMinecraft is runing Tekkit(The Technic Pack Server software), and we have the following mods installed


    Cooming soon Mods.....
    *Equivenlant Excange
    *Wirless Redstone

    We have many plugins to enhcant your fun on our server so come and Join!!!!


    NOTE: You must use The Tekkit Launcher to use this server.

    Have Fun!!!

    *yourface44 Likes Coldplay
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    posted a message on IDeathCraft Server
    NOTICE:The direct link to join our server is broken so you will have to join manualy by
    1.Goto minecraft.net in your internet browser
    2.Click on "Multiplayer" under the "Minecraft Classic" sub-tab
    3.In the search bar , look for IMinecraft Classic Server"
    4.Click on the server that is listed as "IMinecraft Classic Server"
    5. Enjoy our server!!!!
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    posted a message on IDeathCraft Server
    Welcome To IDeathCraft Server

    The best server on the market (AKA minecraft.net).Our server is filled with cool and awesome people were you can build chat and have FUN!!!!
    We offer a wide viriaty of fu and entertaining ways to play Minecraft, such as Spleef, Building contests and others. or if you want to just build and b admired from other people then you STILL came to the right place!!!!!!!!!
    Server Link:Click http://www.minecraft...04976813e3547bc to play on our Classic Server

    :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: RULES :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    Now even though you like to have fun like us , we have enfored rules that all must follow or risk the following
    *Ban or IPBan

    our rules are designed to create a fun atmosphere while have peace and order. Here is ou rules.
    *No Griefing of ANY kind
    *No Spamming or advertising
    *No hacking
    *NO hrassing other players
    *Do Not ask for a higher rank than you have. Its annoying as Sh*t
    *NO B*tching about things
    *WoM IS allowed is NOT considered a Hack

    :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: Worlds:Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves:
    We offer many worlds to keep from the worlds looking ugly .We create Worlds based on Ranks and types of creations
    This is our world List
    *Guest World
    *Builder World
    *Mods World
    *Admins World
    *Speed Build

    Note:Not all worlds will be loaded. Some worlds will only be loaded on special occasions.

    We also offer many ranks that can enchant your experiance with Minecraft Classic. Players are ranked based on
    *How well they can Build
    *How well we can trust them
    *Their Kindness
    *Their Dicipline
    All of theese prove whether or not a player deserves a promotion or not
    Our many ranks are (In order of promotion/demotion line)
    *Advanced Mod
    *Partnered Owner

    :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: OTHER INFO:Logs: :Logs: :Logs:

    This classic server is a division of IDeathCraft Servers. We Will have our Main SMP server up in May 13 2012!!!!!
    Our Classic server is NOT responsible for any Rule-Breakers we can only be held accountable if a staff memeber does NOT take action to punish ANY Rule-Breakers.
    We currantly Run on F-Craft Build Version 0.615_r1444
    We are also listed under WoM Servers Directory.
    Please take not that we may not have our server up 24/7, Sometimes not up for a day.
    We formaly went under the name Robert's Peace Server.Witch is why our server isnt "New"


    -SuperIMinecraft Staff
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    posted a message on {ADV} Legend Of The Sky Kingdom
    The Legend of The Sky Kingdom is the new adventure map by 'yourface44' .This adventure map is filled with puzzles , jumping ,neither, and zombies, all in one amazing map.It contains 2 Temples , Neither Challenges, moster slaying, and others. :SSSS:

    :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: Story :DORE: :DORE: :DORE:
    :You come from an acncient people from a place called the Sky Kingdom.Your People,the Sky people, lived in peace and prosperity.
    You father was the Last King of SkyLands, King John McLander III.It was all a happy life untill one day war struck.
    Monsters from a Hellish dimention was attacking the lands.Your army fought hard but the monsters fought harder,sadly.
    It went so out of control everthing and everone was wiped out.However your father sent you to the surface when you where only a child to keep you safe.
    Your the only full blooded Sky person alive to this day.

    Fast forward to today, you live in a floating house by the powers of your blood.You live alone.You miss your family.
    It all seemed just an on going loop of sadness.

    but one night your sleeping then ****BOOOM*****RUMBLE*****
    you awaken suddenly,wonderong what that noise is.you get your armor and sword and investigate.
    you don't know whats in store for you......

    :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: RULES :Lava: :Lava: :Lava:

    You may not destoy ANY blocks ,EXCEPT any color wool .Or unless told to do so.
    You cannot wander around to other areas of the map. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN MAP.
    "No griefing" does not apply for single player
    No Mods may be use for helo . NO ToManyItems Allowed.
    No crafting.
    DIFFICULTY: Normal Or Hard
    Have fun

    Pitures and peeks

    Compatability and Known Bugs
    This map is known to work with
    Beta: 1.8:1.9

    Also this map will not interfear with Mods(witch are not suppose to be use BTW).
    There are some bugs that are MAYBE still present. here they are

    SSP Bugs*Sometimes tnt will not go off.
    *Spawners ,sometimes,will not work
    *Player will not take damage

    SMP bugs
    Not all players will spawn at the corect location at the beginning.(in front of a sign that says "read Note 1"

    *Levers,Pressure pad, and buttons may lag.
    *Map size may mess up ping with players
    *Server lags may cause Spawners to stop and Quickly spawn a lot of monsters
    *TNT may not go off
    *Spawners ,sometimes,will not work
    *Players will not take damage
    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: Downloads :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:
    Prefered Download Here
    Direct download Here

    :--+: :--+: :--+: GO PLAY NOW :--+: :--+: :--+:

    :dry.gif: Ill Get more Pics soon.
    and more info
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    posted a message on Minema 3.2 - The smooth movie recorder
    Quote from BarracudaATA

    Oh yes, a demo recorder would be a great addition for this mod.

    Keep in mind that I tested the mod for singleplayer only. In multiplayer, the client and server will most likely go out of sync, but you may give it a try anyway :wink.gif:

    i do know it is for Singleplayer,we just want to show what we have on our server MAP.
    but thanks for te warning.
    for you again. :Diamond: :Diamond:
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