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    First of all I can't express how happy I am to have found someone, that also wants to finish this resource pack. This is my favorite texture pack ever and it made me sad to read that Yuikami won't continue it. No hate to her though, you never know what's going on in anyones life, and sometimes you just lose interest for certain things.

    But my point, first of all, before asking any further I want to ask: Are you still working on it/Do you still want to work on it?

    If yes, I'd like to offer my help. I've also had the idea to finish it, but I just didn't know how to even begin, but then I found you ^^

    If you need/want help, I'd offer myself to help with adding textures for every mob/block/etc. that has been added. I will try my very best to mimic Yuikamis art style, I will color pick and make color palettes of every color she used, to make it as identical to the actual texture pack. I also used to make skins, my planetminecraft user is Yuko_Chan, but the last skin I posted is 3 years old lmao, so if you want a more recent one I could send you some (:

    Now of course since you make skins you could also make those textures yourself, but I'm sure it's easier with more people. And I'd spend all the time I have to see this amazing resource pack finished. TwT

    Anyway, if you could use my help my discord is choccy milk#5822, I'm online everyday ^^

    but you can also write back here of course, I just thought it's probably easier on discord (if you have it)

    That's all, thank you for reading and have a great day <33

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