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    i have a cool achievement generator heres the link click here you can make cool achievements like so.

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    Quote from Kourebos

    I was reading the Minecraft Wiki tonight and read that if Creepers are struck by lightning, they can then explode with an even bigger blast radius.

    I was wondering if anyone on the forum had ever seen/experienced this and if you have, did you get video and/or pictures of it?

    If so please post so everyone can see. Thanks.

    i saw one before but it wasnt raining and later i saw herobrine.

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    Quote from fedsname

    im making skins describe the skins you want and i can make it for you.

    make a super creeper with a ninja mask and hair.

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    Quote from Thoughtlamb

    Don't you hate dying? Especially for me when dumb Creeper pops out of nowhere and Blows me up. I also hate dying from losing a battle against a friend.

    mining diamond then you stand on the diamond ore you mine it and fall in lava.
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