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    I started this server two weeks ago, hoping to start a community driven market within a city. Something that resembles a PC server, so! Instead of jumping straight to the forum's to open the doors, My good friend & I have worked on this steady for 2 weeks 10-15 hours a day. We now have a decently sized town built with lot's of lush farmland, fully furnished & working buildings, and also a capital building built into the mountain by spawn to greet new players. Now we are finally ready to accept new members into our town:)

    Currency is as follows:

    1. Emerald

    2. Diamond

    3. Gold

    Remeber that it's up to you to decide prices depending on what you're selling. (Examples Below)

    128 logs

    = 1 diamond

    64 cleanstone

    = 2 Gold



    1. Replant ALL crops

    2. No stealing/greifing of any kind

    3. Don't root around unowned chests or container's

    4. Animal farming is deblt with by me, don't pen animal's without buying them from town first.

    5. Be at least the age of 17 (preferably English speaking)


    I mostly only use my mic on the weekends due to a lot of people being here. (Socializing with other player's is a bonus though)

    If you are interested in joining the server I am looking for builder's, redstone experts, piston experts, farmers, miner's ect.. Please be at least the age of 17 & reply to the post like the example below. It only takes a second!! 😡

    Age -

    Skill -

    Experiance -

    PSN -

    How Active Am I? -

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    Quote from EmmaRE12»

    Age - 19

    Skill - mining, farming, and I love doing tedious work like filling in giant holes and stuff :P

    Experience - been playing Minecraft on pc, ps3 and ps4 for about 2 years

    PSN - EmmaRE12

    I'm currently a full time college student so I won't be on all the time, but I will usually be on during late weekdays or weekends.

    Good because those pesky creepers never give up ;)

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