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    posted a message on AppleCraft! [TNTRUN, SKYWARS, BEDWARS, BUILD BATTLE!]

    AppleCraft is a minigames server, with a welcoming community. Join, and have fun. We include many fun games, including TNTRun, BedWars, Build Battle, and Skywars. More games are coming soon. The reason we run the server is to have fun.

    The current ranks available and how you can achieve them are listed below.

    • [YT] Have 1,500 subscribers or more on a YouTube channel.
    • [MVP] Win 400 games.

    As much as we want people to have fun, we also want people to stay safe online. The rules are listed below.

    • No spamming.
    • No hacking.
    • No griefing.
    • No cyberbullying.

    Hacking is very bad, but damaging the community is even worse. Stay safe online!

    The server is open to public, which means anyone can join.

    That's it for now. If you have any problems, contact the owner on Twitter: @AppleCraftMCPE

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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR PLAYERS TO PLAY!

    Hi i am own AppleCraft Network and looking for people to play mcpe. We need players to play my server.

    ip : applecraft.mcpe.me

    version : MCBE 1.10.0 - 1.10.1

    We have MiniGames

    • BedWars
    • TNTRun
    • SkyWars
    • BuildBatttle

    If you joining and having a lot of fun Thank you

    website : https://applecraft.mcpe.me/

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    posted a message on AppleCraft Need Staff and Builders!

    ip applecraft.cf

    port 19132

    version 1.2

    We Need Staff and Builders!

    1 More

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    posted a message on AppleCraft NetWork : Now Open
    AppleCraft NetWork

    IP : applecraft.cf

    PORT : 19132

    Server running on MiNET

    AppleCraft NetWork are professional networks

    There're 3 MiniGame



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