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    posted a message on (mostly-Creative) building group (recruiting)

    I've started a small group of builders and I'm looking for some more people to join.

    Basically the requirements are:

    ~You're a pretty good builder (as in, you can make something look great and you don't regularly live in dirt shack or wooden boxes)

    ~Java edition

    ~No history of griefing, hacking, harassment, etc. This is a clean group, so nothing toxic

    ~You can use Discord and don't mind playing on both regular multiplayer servers and small private servers.

    ~Semi active at least


    ~Good sense of humor (nothing dirty)

    To join, please message me or post on this thread. Thanks :)

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    posted a message on Optifine

    I've been tyring to get Optifine workign but it doesnt seem to be working...

    Basically, I don't want to use Forge for it since versions keep chanigng and Forge is one pesky bird that I struggle with enough as it is. I know you can use Optifine without Forge but which folder do I send it to and how do i get to said folder? I need to get Optifine for 1.16.3, 1.13.2, and 1.12.2.

    The 1.12.2 version needs Optifine in modded Minecraft.

    I have profiles for each of the versions I need optifine for. I also have a lot of mods for 1.12 only installed al lover the place....

    Any help?

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    posted a message on Why I believe Minecraft needs a serious change

    Yes but in that mixed bag of things you can always change it to how you want to play. Like for example I've seen people only fight and do combat-related stuff or only building stuff. There's way to change the code or install mods or do commands.

    In the end it's really up to you to decide if you're just going to stick to regular gameplay and not change a thing or take what's given and run with it. I've been playing for about 6 years now (or something like that...) and for the first 3 or 4 years, i only played either creative mode or minigames and even then I didn't try anything like mods or datapacks or changing commands. Lately though i've been trying out a few things and I've completely changed from my mediocre-level attempts at creative mode to survival mode with datapacks on multiplayer and there's been a serious change in my level of playing.

    Even if Minecraft is manage d by the devs, they still give us the freedom to access the codes and stuff and make changes to our personal copies and that's pretty good a deal compared tto some other games i've palyed

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    posted a message on Harmless Pranks

    Here's some random ideas:

    ~Dig a hole below someone's base and hide some cats-enough of them and it's highly annoying. Unless they don't have their sound on, like me, in which case....you just trapped cats underneath a base XD

    ~If you're good with redstone, there's a "grandfather clock" prank that GoodTimesWithScar showed. Basically it makes a bell chime every so often. Here's the video:

    ~Leave a sign in the base saying, "Someone is watching you". And then occasionally do little things like move a block or rearrange a chest eveyr so often.

    ~The chicken bomb. Enough said.

    ~Drink some invisibility when your target is online and then sneak around and drop random item or two on the ground when they're not looking. Works well with the "someone is watching you" prank

    ~Preasure plates and their matching blocks are sometimes hard to see especially in dim places. If you know how, you could make a preasure plate that attaches to two piston on either side of a 2x2 tunnel (or something simillar, depends on how much space you have) and enjoy watching someone getting shoved around.

    ~You could always pull a Grian and send someone on a little journey while they're AFK, just make sure they don't die in the process or something while on the flying machine.

    ~Give them a gift of a curse of binding head with a dispensor while AFK, it'll come off the next time they die.

    ~Hide a preasure plate somewhere and make it play a melody. Works great in a mine where it's dark and there's space and just takes a few note blocks and repeaters :) Not much of a prank but still kind of funny.

    ~Casually teleport them to another dimension while they're AFK, with safety precautions of course so they don't die.

    ~Make an armor stand jump out at someone when they open a door. Mumbo shows this in one of his recent videos:

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    posted a message on Why I believe Minecraft needs a serious change

    People are gonna disagree on this with me but just hear me out...

    Minecraft was meant, the way I see it, to be a sandbox game with oppotunity. Wanna build and build only? Creative mode. Want both building and surviving? Survival. Xtreme survival? Hardcore. Coding? Modding, education edition, etc. RPG? Play a map, create one yourself, Adventure mode. Technicalities (aka redstone)? Go for it.

    Could there be improvements? Yes.

    Do games sometimes change over time? Yes.

    Do games need to stay true to what they originally were? Sometimes, yes.

    Should Minecraft stay what it was back in, say, 2010? No, unless you like trampling crops and not having all the stuff we have now.

    If you think about it, if you take a look at your worlds and the differences between say a 2012 world and a 2019 world, there's a lot that changed. I'm pretty sure that some of you can remember very old version of Minecraft where there were less then 100 blocks, the mob AI was complete idiocracy, and there wasn't much you can do. And if you don't remember that.....well, go check it out. I'm sure you'll find that you can't live without certain things or other things are just plain weird.

    Evolving is something that should happen with a game to improve itself. I agree that some changes weren't great or some things were overlooked. More bosses? Sure. Less zombie creatures? Please. Phantoms? ....I'm mixed on that XD

    But some were good. Like swimmable water and elytras. Horses. Pistons. The Nether update (mostly).

    Everyone's different and has a different opinion. I myself am a futuristic fantasy builder who does quite well in semi-vanilla multiplayer, wheress someone like Mumbo would be more comfortable messing with redstone. I have friends who just like to mess around and have a good time even though they might not do much beyond server minigames and RPGs. Some people are huge mod people with more mods then should be allowed on their games. Others might like fighting and exploring.

    So even though I agree with the "Minecraft should evolve but keep it balanced and find new creative opportunities" path, I also believe that being creative is the core of Minecraft and as long as you're willing to put in the work to achieve what you want, be it RPG, enormous builds, nothing in particular, or redstone computers. But if you view Minecraft negatively, you'll see mostly only the bad and not the good. Minecraft has both, and I think that's important to realize-no game is perfect but with some dedication you can help make it even better then before.

    ...woah did not mean to write an essay but I think y'all get my point, i hope?

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    posted a message on I miss the servers of the past

    Almost no servers I can think of are completley vanilla , and I've done a lot of looking, closest I can find is a server I current play on that's almost completely vanilla and only has a few things like an economy (which we supplement with diamonds since the server only just added it), some greifing prevention things, and extra worlds for other stuff like resource gathering if you're interested? As far as I know, it's pretty vanilla and the community's pretty good and clean, long as you don't mind being the only one online half the time at the current time (it's quite active during holidays and things though)

    (Honostly the only weird plugin I can think of would be the one for sleeping, but I think it was removed because it was just one big annoyance XD)

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    posted a message on Redstone questions....about very basic but specific things

    Thanks that helps a lot :)

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    posted a message on Redstone questions....about very basic but specific things

    Ok so I recently got more into redstone and I've figured out some stuff (e.g. I can get a piston or two to move when i click a button, I can get a block to move backwards and open up an entrance, and i understand the concept of comparators, observers, droppers vs dispensors, etc.)

    The problem is, I'm completely clueless as to how to make a system that, when you put in a certain renamed item into a chest, you get another item in return. The system is for a rewards thing I'm doing for a small minigame on a server (no restrictions just no 0-tick stuff) and I have very limited space, so preferably the whole thing is compact and multiple modules can fit in the same area. I can go underground too but only for a certain distance since I have part of the game underneath.

    I tried messing around with it myself but I don't think I'm qualified to do more then make blocks move around and make instant recharge respawn anchors XD if someone could lend a hand with even a general idea that'd be great, thanks

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    posted a message on Does anyone know which server this is?

    Good news, I found it. By a lucky guess

    Case closed (sighs in relief and goes to sleep after a week of worrying)

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    posted a message on Does anyone know which server this is?

    I just lost my new favorite server and...um...I can't find it. It hasn't disappeare,d I know that much, but my arrogant self didn't join the discord so now....yeah I tihink you get the idea.

    Basically it's a towny server but has a heroRPG thing on the side. It was 1.13 advised, and you started in a sinking ship for the tutorial.

    Anyone know which server this is? I really want to go back on before i lose everything....

    (And i"m sorry if i put this in the wrong thread/break a rule. I'm just kinda desperate now...It's been weeks)

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    posted a message on This is a first

    ….Could you repeat that Staryflyr3? I think I heard you wrong...and this is coming from someone whose two best friends (also MC players) dragged her into their "clownfish colony" thing and tried to put a squid family and make their rooms into tanks in my base.

    Or did you mean IRL?

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    posted a message on Another 1.14 double village

    In 1.14, I used the seed TheLoneRanger or also known as 65802528.

    I got a double village.

    Um, great. Ish. I needed a different spawn...but this works? I guess.


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    posted a message on Your address


    So I typed in my house number and street name and city (without spaces and got...

    A village. At spawn.


    Seed: -141545670 (What, you think i'm really giving away my address? :D)

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    posted a message on Pillager Outpost along the same lake as two villages!

    Poor villagers....

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    posted a message on Gargamal

    I misspelled "Gargamel" and typed


    (lowercase letters) and got....a beautiful world with a bunch of goodies. A gigantic Bryce-canyon style mesa, a ravine at spawn, trees and animals aplenty, and overall just a good spawn with a rare biome right in front of you.

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