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    TL;DR - I'm hungry. That is all.

    Most epic response I've ever read. Ever. lol

    On a more serious note. To those who are asking to be included in mod packs, you obviously don't understand the point of the mod.

    The point of the mod is progression. Giving a sense of realism (read as reasoning) to the Minecraft world. I've said this multiple times already, but with the latest update redstone now has a backstory of how it was created, where before it was just something that was magically powering objects that somehow could take the magical signals.

    You progress through the game, placing higher tiered items on top of lower tier items in order to gain something. For instance, you start out as having farms you cut by hand. Eventually you automate them, and start turning out a ton of resources without actually doing anything. Suddenly you have a ton of hemp, you then grind it with the mill that you were creating in the mean time, create mechanical power to automate that mill, which in turn increases your hemp grinding so that you can create more rope. More rope means more mechanical branches, eventually you have enough rope left over to be used in pulleys, that support platfroms made from the sugarcane farm that you automated and now have an abundance of. This now leads to better looking mines, as well as smarter mining because you can actually do proper mineshafts.

    Can you see the progression? If you didn't see that, then you don't know anything about the mod and should perhaps play it before you go commenting on how much better it could be with other mods, that you may or may not have played either.

    I know what you all want, the ones who want it to be in a combo pack (aka technic). You want the elevators, and detector blocks and such. Elevators are cool, no other mod gives them (as far as I know). Oh my god I could do cool things with red power and elevators! Ugh. Yeah. You could, except there's no way these mods would ever coexist, simply because red power isn't fit into a progressive tech tree like BTW is. That alone, is a BIG problem. With a mod that stands for progression, only wanting elevators is no reason to go and make (or even combine into) a combination pack.

    Instant gratification is fine and all (and fun a lot of the times, I admit), but asking for that in a mod that requires you to work for something is honestly a waste of breathe, and just shows that you don't take any interest into this mod other than "oh look cool features!". It's disrespectful even to the mod creator.

    Mod creators aren't here for you, they have no requirement that says they have to listen to what anyone wants. Let's just put it this way, for someone who's not getting a penny to code, you really need to start realizing that he doesn't owe you anything. I'm a coder myself, I'm in college taking Java Programming and C++ with C#. I love coding. However I'm not planning on making that my job, becuase as soon as coding starts to feel like a job to me, I lose interest in it. Obviously not everyone is like me, but when you're doing something for fun, making it seem like work just ruins it. "Oh make your mod compatible with this mod!" ... well like he said, why would he do that if he doesn't get any enjoyment out of the other mod himself? Not everyone is like that, I admit, but you can't just expect everyone will care to do that. Especially after 900+ pages of asking and the answer is still the same.
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