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    posted a message on Sky Utopia Parkour - By xXxNeverLivexXx
    This unique parkour map has 20 levels ranging from easy to extremely difficult with parkour.
    In this map you will face 20 different levels. There are some very hard jumps and this is not recommended for beginners.

    It gets very hard so do not play this map expecting an easy run through.
    It will take about 30mins to an hour depending on your skill level.
    It is simple yet difficult, there are no timed things, just straight parkour.
    You can download the map

    Good luck if you play this map...
    You will definitely need it...
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    posted a message on |Admin| |Mod| |Builder| Needed! IP:

    IGN: xXxNeverLivexXx
    Age: 14
    Skype: ch4rlz1
    Email: [email protected]
    TimeZone: Australia Sydney
    Position: Mod
    How can you benefit the server? I know many essential server skills that can help bring calm when it is needed and when there is a major problem.
    Why should we choose YOU? I can help the server and stop people who abuse glitches and and hackers that have an advantage over others.
    What prior experience do you have? I have moderated on faction servers 2 times and know the basics. These servers have been average sized.
    What skills do you posses that pertains to Minecraft? I have been playing for a long time and have great knowlegde about vanilla stuff live survival and many commands that can help.
    When will you be active? Cant put specific dates but i will be one when i can. Min once a week but often more (discluding weekends). On weekends I can be on loads more :)

    Hope your server goes well :D

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    posted a message on Find The Button:Mediocre Edition For Pat and Jen!
    Hello everyone...
    Welcome to my new map...
    Find The Button...
    Mediocre Edition!
    Download Here.
    Good luck.
    By me (of course)
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    posted a message on [Recruiting] Epsilon Mapmaking team.

    K i filled it out

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    posted a message on Need builders for an adventure map

    ign: nope
    age: 13
    Rate your building skill 1-10: 7
    Rate your redstone skill 1-10: 6
    Screen shot of a good creation you made(optional):
    What is your building style(medieval modern natue etc.): I have no 'one' building style. I like to combine styles to make unseen builds!
    Adventure map(making and playing)experience:I am creating 3 maps at the moment and have been playing maps for a long time as well!
    How long have you been playing minecraft: Since 1.5.4

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    posted a message on ✪ DEVELOPERS NEEDED ✪

    IGN: Nope
    AGE: 13
    SKYPE: Ch4rlz1
    Experience: Nil
    Can you code plugins? (if so give an example): nope
    Can you install plugins?: Yes
    Can you use PEX? (That is what we use for ranks): Definately. Im no expert but can understand it
    What will you do to help the server?: I can moderate to make sure noone is hacking. I am also a preety good builder so making new areas...?
    In a server crisis what do you do?: Kick everybody off (white-list) fix the issue before it gets out of hand, then unwhitelist the server and all is well
    Anything else you want to add?: Well like i said i am good at building and creating. I am very understanding of minecraft and have played since 1.5.4!

    Good Luck with your server and i hope i can help :)

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    posted a message on Beta testers needed for Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved server.

    Sure why not

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    posted a message on Puzzle Parkour. FEEDBACK?

    Ok... so i decided to play your map... it was ok but i have a few suggestions:

    1. Make it more colourful

    2. Give some food

    3. Perhaps add pictures

    4. Perhaps a background story but not a cliche like 'save the princess who is in the castle'

    Good Luck :D

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    posted a message on Racing Parkour

    Great idea! :lol:

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    posted a message on Racing Parkour
    Hey everyone.
    I just made a simple parkour map designed for completion in the least amount of deaths.
    It is my very first map so don't expect much from it.
    It is simple and short, good luck if you attempt it!
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