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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Jeoffrey's Chamber Series [Fully voice-acted and crazy adventure!][Over 100k Downloads]
    hahah ur never getting out ur never getting out this is awsome
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    posted a message on Chainz: The -Missing- Iron Link* Adds chains, wire, fiber-wire and Elevators. Spikes n Knuckles* [V1.0.8 UPD: MAY 14]
    Quote from icymountain

    Do iron ingots only give 2 iron wires? If so, that would mean 1 iron ingot = 1 iron chainlink, which makes chainmail armor redundant, other than visual pleasure.
    ehh if u enchant it it may look awesomer but i think the helm looks like ur wearing a hairnet lol

    now to make elevator for my batcave :steve_csi:
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Amazopack v1.0.3b (ITS BACK!)
    i haz to haz this mod pack to skydaz for installer because when it comes to modding i suck but i gitting it i need air ship
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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!
    Quote from TVflea

    Ever since a gentleman that goes under the Youtube handle of 'SkyDoesMinecraft' uploaded a minecraft let's play video of him throwing gold ingots at his girlfriend, saying her house looked better with butter. Ever since then there has been an epidemic of SkyDoesMinecraft fans calling the gold ingot in the game of "Minecraft" butter, or sometimes even "budder".

    These fans of SkyDoesMinecraft have taken this petty joke to the extreme, spreading it around ever inch of the minecraft universe, and even beyond. However, not all SkyDoesMinecraft fans are like this. To halt confusion between the two, the butter-calling fans we will from here to the end of the post "Budder fans", and the nuetral fans will be called "Regular fans". This post is not geared towards regular fans.

    If you are not familiar with this subject, you are most likely wondering how anyone would even begin to make a connection between gold and butter, let alone budder. Gold is a strong, yet ductable metal. It is yellow, shiny, and worth a large sum of money universally. Butter, on the other hand, is poorly formed, melts at room tempurature, and is a pale, dull white, and budder is an amber, waxy, blobby drug substance, so how is it loggical to connect the three? It isn't! Budder fans do not call gold butt/dder because it makes sense, they do it for publicity; to let everyone know they're cool because they watch SkyDoesMinecraft, much like people who say YOLO or swag.

    However, even after showing comparable traits with many other hatable people, this thread is not to demean them or to make us look better in anyway. It is a debate where Budder fans post reasons why they call gold butt/dder.
    We have a tendancy to refute their reason, however they do not have to take our reasoning into consideration, and can continue to call gold butt/dder.


    1. Butter is yellow, like gold
    Well, actually butter is a pale white, unlike gold. Here is a comparison



    They look nothing alike

    2. The mythical, and almighty skydoesminecraft incanted all gold to be renamed 'BWUHDDAR' *drool*
    ...and you brainlessly followed him. Skydoesminecraft is just a college drop-out weirdo with a microphone and screen recorder; there's no reason to copy him. Something else to note is that sky doesn't even want you to call gold "budder". Watch this (at 10:28):

    3. Gold tools would be soft, just like butter tools
    Gold is not "soft." Only fabrics and certain other materials can be considered "soft." Gold is, however,malleable. This is often confused with impressionability, which butter most certainly is, both of which are confused with the word "soft," however impressionability and malleability are not interchangeable, so the idea that gold can be called "butter" because it is soft is a fallacy.

    4. Gold is applied to food to enhance it, such as golden apples and carrots
    This doesn't make sense. You would not smother an apple in butter, and if you did, it'd probably give you a heart-attack, not bestow you with magical healing abilities.

    5. Gold is used in powered tracks to make minecarts have more momentum, just like butter would make a minecart faster if put on a track.
    This reasoning is not consistent with the other gold items in minecraft. Gold pressure plates, blocks and ore do not increase the momentum the player has when moving over the block.

    6a. OH EM GEE, it's just, like, a fad, bro. Get ova et.
    Come back to me when you have been to a secondary education institution. Perhaps then your speech will be more communicable.
    6b. Sir, I have taken your advice and got a secondary education, primarily in the subject of language arts, and would like my reasoning heard: The butt/dder alias people have for gold is but a fad; a little joke kids play, you should not be taking it as seriously as you do.
    First off I would like to make it clear that I am not obsessing my majority of time and effort into this thread. While it is a hobby of mine, it is not my life's goal. Second, it should be noted while the butt/dder joke is a fad, that does not make any movements conflicting the fad void of meaning and purpose to exist

    7. Why can't you leave people alone to call buddar whatever they want?
    This thread is not trying to force people into calling gold it's proper name. The goal of this thread is to provide irrefutable evidence that calling gold butt/dder is illogical and should not be done. It is not trying to force any one to do anything, change in labeling is completely voluntary

    8. It's funny, you have no humo(u)r
    When seen objectively and disregarding any logical contradictions, this could be seen as a little humorous, however, when we take into consideration the social factors and that gold in no way resembles butter, it's humo(u)r is lost.

    to me it like if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck it a duck people may disagree with me the bars look like butter its like butter because it breaks not too long after u make it so i see skys reasoning so i don't know now what i said before go with my reasoning now but that's what i think
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    posted a message on Your WEIRDEST Minecraft Habits
    Quote from Bjossi

    I have to cut down everything in an abandoned mineshaft, fences, planks, cobweb, stray blocks of cobblestone and dirt in the ceiling. The corridors have to be perfect 3h x 3w. So you can imagine my frustration when these mineshafts open into ravines or other caverns.
    oh crap lol mc overload i would say screw this and blow it all up lol
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    posted a message on Your WEIRDEST Minecraft Habits
    i used to on pe for decor break every log except for bottom one later i saw a crap tons of stumps all over my world :Logs: :wub: i wub u wood
    lol i thought wub was in the music like dub-step lol no its wuv not wub :steve_csi:
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w25c Ready For Testing!
    when they mine little crafty mod updates i will laugh pony's riding on horses wow lots of jokes coming to the sever i play on :steve_lol:
    Quote from elijahwasson

    o_o elmo watches u jerk :iapprove:
    Quote from luckyboy223

    Omg, 25c! SOOOOOOOOOO excited for the horsies in 1.6!!! Gonna be awesome on SMP's!

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for 1.6! Gonna have so much fun with horses! :D
    me too me too *pats on back
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    posted a message on Portal Gun Mod 1.4.7 Map!
    seems legit ill try it :) and also cool pic
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    posted a message on What mob would you like to see added to the game and why?
    guys what the bloody heck every body always wanted what should have been added in the start horses
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