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    Sorry for the update delay. I moved homes and haven't been able to develop at all. I lost all the files for Ore Expansion, so I'll be starting back from scratch. Certain ores and items will be removed, and certain ores and items will be added for 1.3. The reason why 1.2 never came out is because I lost the development build, so it's basically a dead version. Yes, there is a difference between development build and test build. 1.2 Test 1 was made June 28, 2015. 1.2 Dev Build 1 was last modified June 30, 2015, and the dev builds are more recent and are kept private,

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    Curse page: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/231987-ore-expansion-ores-tools-armor-and-more-1-7-10
    Look at the middle part to the right, and click the latest download.


    Ore Expansion is a mod that adds 5 new ores, 1 being work in progress.
    The ores are (in order of worst to best): Carbon (WIP), Opal, Titanium, Kryptonite, and Rhyolite!

    Currently, only Opal, Titanium, Kryptonite, and Rhyolite pickaxes can be crafted, and nothing else. Sorry!


    1.3: (Coming October 10th or October 17th)

    - Added Tin (same as diamond , 100 less durability on tools and 50 less durability on armor)

    - 1.8 SUPPORT!!!!

    - Added Cyclonite (same as Kryptonite, 100 more durability on tools and 50 more durability on armor)

    - Added Uranium (0.5x better than Rhyolite, 150 more durability on tools and 75 more durability on armor)

    - This will also be the first official release!

    TOOL INFO AND BLOCK INFO (worst to best):
    Opal Pickaxe: 1.1x better than Gold Pickaxe, 1400 durability.

    Carbon Pickaxe: 1.15x better than Gold Pickaxe, 1475 durability.
    Titanium Pickaxe: 1.2x better than Gold Pickaxe, 1500 durability.
    Kryptonite Pickaxe: 1.3x better than Gold Pickaxe, 1600 durability.
    Rhyolite Pickaxe: 1.4x better than Gold Pickaxe, 1800 durability.

    Shovels are (1.1x - 1.4x) better than Gold Shovel,

    Axes are (1.1x - 1.4x) better than Gold Axe,

    and Swords are (1.4x - 2.1x) better than Diamond Sword.

    Opal: Requires Iron/Gold/Diamond pick to mine and get - 1.3x rarer than diamond

    Carbon: Requires Gold/Diamond pick to mine and get - 1.4x rarer than diamond
    Titanium: Requires Diamond/Gold pick to mine and get - 1.5x rarer than diamond
    Kryptonite: Reqiuires Diamond/Gold pick to mine and get - 1.8x rarer than diamond
    Rhyolite: Requires Diamond/Gold pick to mine and get - 2.1x rarer than diamond


    ACHIEVEMENTS: (Easiest to Hardest)

    Starting out Ore Expansion: Get some Opal. ID: achievement.opalAchieve

    Carbon is the new Dark Blue: Get some Carbon. ID: achievement.carbonAchiev

    Titanium is the new Black: Get some Titanium. ID: achievement.titaniumAchiev

    Gravity, oh gravity: Get some Teflon. ID: achievement.teflonAchiev

    I feel like... Superman: Get some Kryptonite. ID: achievement.kryptoniteAchiev

    Is OreExpansion finally complete?: Get some Rhyolite. ID:achievement.rhyoliteAchiev


    Willing to test Ore Expansion? Go to this link!


    This mod was made by MCreator :)


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