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    Server work in progress.

    Hello Minecrafters!
    I am xXDanOPXx the owner of XCensorMC, and we need staff!

    Our server has lots of premium plugins suchas LiteBans, ShopGui+, AdvancedAntiCheat, etc...

    To apply for staff you must at least play on the server for 3 hours, this is to prevent griefing.

    If you break any rules and is warned 2 times, you will get banned.

    Minecraft 1.11.2

    Age, 13+
    3hrs of playtime
    Know how to use essential commands
    Know how to use permissionsEx
    A discord account

    If you have met the requirements above please apply here:
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    !Faction's server with free earned ranks!

    Hello everyone! This is the owner of XCMC Factions, xXDanOPXx, and we really need players and staff! (First player gets 100% VIP Rank)

    You can apply for staff after playing on the server for atleast 1 day. (www.xcensormc.weebly.com/staffapply)

    We have lots of premium plugins like litebans, shopgui+, etc..

    The IP address may change everyone in a while. This is the current one: 0.tcp.ngrok.io:17409

    If you like the server or applied please let us know down below.

    Thank You So Much! - xXDanOPXx
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    posted a message on ----[-XCensorMC-]---- Looking For Co-Owner, Admins, Mods, and Players!

    !!Factions server!!

    Hello, minecrafters! I am the owner of XCensorMC, xXDanOPXx. We are currently looking for staff for our server before we release it to public, there are also LOTS of improvement to do such as make a shop, etc.. We currently need the following:

    Co-Owner (0/1) (Cannot apply for! Only fro promotion from admin!)
    Admin (0/1)
    Moderator (0/2)

    If you are interested in helping us apply for staff on out website:
    and make sure you say you applied below for faster service =)

    Thank You for reading about my server! I hope to see you on!
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    posted a message on NEW THREAD

    Hello King!

    I would like to apply for moderator today!

    IGN: xXDanOPXx

    Age: 13

    Have you ever been a Mod on any other servers? If so, list: I have been a Helper, and an admin.

    How long have you played Minecraft for?: 3-4 Years

    How long can you play on the server for(or just do your job)?: Whenever I am free =) (Mostly 2-5hr)

    Why do you want to be part of Kings's Faith?: The previous servers i had has shutdown, i would love to help another server to grow and make sure no hackers or rule breakers make other members of the server leave. I have experience with Punishments, AntiCheat, etc.. I like to think I am a nice person maybe some might say otherwise but I am great with interacting with different players! If anything most of my punishments will have screenshots for proof.

    Do you have discord?: Yes my discord is, xXDanOPXx#8973

    Thank You So Much for reading my appeal! I believe your server will be the best!


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    Hey Toxic_Craft,

    This is my application to become a staff member on your server, Thank You!

    In-Game Name: xXDanOPXx

    Position Applying For: Moderator

    Name ( optional ): Daniel

    Nickname: ?

    Discord or Skype: xXDanOPXx#8973

    Age: 13

    How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft: 4 Years

    Have You Ever Been Banned On Any Server? (If Yes, What For): I was banned for using a proxy.

    Staff Experience: On Any Other Servers and What Were You: I was a Helper on SeaHawk Factions, an Admin on a server that has closed. I kept the server clear of rule breakers making sure no hackers where online.

    What Can You Contribute To The Server: I can help moderate the server by using plugins such as punishmental, banning, warning, anticheat, etc.. I am good at spectating to make sure a player is not using blacklisted modification such as hacked clients.

    Why Would You Like To Be a Staff Member On Our Server?: I previously was an Admin on a server and it has sadly closed. I would LOVE to help someone help moderating their server, making sure everyone is following the rules.

    Any Other Comments You'd Like Us to Know About You: Not At The Moment

    Thank You for reading my application.


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    posted a message on | ATnetwork | I need some more staff for my sever

    Age: 13

    IGN: xXDanOPXx

    Rank: Admin or Mod

    Past experiences at this rank: I have been an Owner on a server. I am good with catching hackers, punishing and making sure players are satisfied!

    Why should I accept you: I have experience from being an Owner on an server, I would LOVE to help someone else! I am good with using certain plugins like ClearLagg, Holographic Displays, Group Manager, Essentials, etc..

    Have you ban banned from a server before if so why: Yes for using a VPN

    Thank You

    for reading my app

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    posted a message on Looking for Unpopular server

    I am looking for a hamachi server to join, or if someone wants to join my server. it might not always be up.

    NetworkID: XCSS:1, XCSS:2, XCSS:3, XCSS:4, XCSS:5

    Password: 332891787

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    posted a message on Hamachi Server [Staff & Players Needed] [Top 3 gets Free Ranks]

    ", sans-serif">Hey Guys! I am currently hosting a hamachi server for people to join. Some parts of the server arent complete, but we need players and staff for feedback. If anything we need players ore than staff, the first 3-5 players to join will get a free rank. Its a survival server that cant currently get a domain, but we do have a website hosted by weebly. Our ban system will ban a user then create a link on information on thier ban. Here is an example (REAL USER). http://xcss.weebly.com/banned-192637.html. Server will mostly be on but if its off contact me on skype if u want to play xXDanOPXx. Thank You.

    ", sans-serif">NetworkID: XCSS:1

    ", sans-serif"> XCSS:2

    ", sans-serif"> XCSS:3

    ", sans-serif"> XCSS:4

    ", sans-serif"> XCSS:5

    ", sans-serif">Password: 332891787

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    posted a message on Hamachi server list

    ID: XCSS:1





    Password: 332891787
    Beta version: 1.8
    Description (optional): This is a roleplay-survival server with ranks. First few player get a free rank!

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