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    posted a message on WebDisplays 1.0 - Browse On the Internet in Minecraft!

    Great mod! Short question. When you say "per-screen permission" Does this mean you can set a specific youtube video for a single screen, and only allow other players on a server to play that video preventing them from using it as a personal web display?

    For instance, if my server has mods with modified mechanics and special keybindings, can I have a tutorial video explaining the basic mechanics to new players?

    Or a "welcome" video for new players who log into the server for the first time? Or better yet a welcome video playing on a loop?

    In short, is the per-screen permissions able to prevent other players from altering the desired video being displayed?

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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 | Skin fix + Online-mode patch

    I have a question that is somewhat relevant, and somewhat not.

    It pertains to skins and the new Minecraft server skin URL pathing.

    I am trying to fix an older mod (for 1.7.10) that used to grab skins for statues from the old Server URL, but since they changed the URL it no longer works. Is it possible to fix? The configuration file has the old Url, so I figured if I knew the exact URL I could just put it there and fix it, but it seems to be more complicated than that.

    This is the config file.

    # Configuration file

    general {
    # Save generated skins to files.
    B:"debug skins"=false

    # Download skins from this path.
    S:"skin server location"=http://skins.minecraft.net/MinecraftSkins/

    Could I not replace the URL with the new one and fix it? Or does the mod need to be rewritten with the appropriate code in the mod .jar file to fix this?

    I am just now taking the steps to teach myself java due to wanting to update some now abandoned mods myself, but as I just literally got my book yesterday, I do not think I am anywhere near capable of decompiling the code and fixing it myself yet. Figured it may be easier if the config file actually works, but attempting to input other Skin sites like NameMC did not work, so I figured maybe it needs minecraft's official server to work. Even then, it probably needs to be rewritten to work, wouldn't it?

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    posted a message on Davincis Vessels (Previously Archimedes Ships Plus) - Move Your World | 1.12 Released!

    I noticed the last update to this was in November of 2017. That means to me that it is promising that this mod is still being worked on.

    So, my suggestion, although has previously been asked somewhat in "will we ever be able to move while the ship is moving?".

    Is there any possible way to implement an automatic transit system, to the likes of WoW airship transportation system?

    I would love to set up an adventure style server with stations with airships constantly moving from station to station, and players simply wait for the next stop, get on, wait for taking off, and then enjoy a ride to the next station.

    This would be the absolute best mod ever if this functionality ever were developed!

    A few suggestions (although I am no coder and am not sure how difficult this would be to implement) I love the anchor point blocks and they are a very welcome addition. Next step would be a waypoint anchor block, the ship will automatically fly (or sail) to the waypoint anchor, and stop. A tool to adjust the stop timing by clicking/right-clicking on the waypoint anchor, and then a UI to determine the Waypoint anchor name, and to which waypoint anchor the ship goes to next after the stop duration.

    Of course fine tuning it would be amazing, to where the ship has a "smoothing" on its path, as opposed to a straight "point A to point B" pathing. The UI for the Anchor waypoints should have a "flight time" settings, or "flight speed" with enforced easing to reach max speeds, and a forced slow down as it approaches its next stop. I suppose this would also require a completely different helm to signify that these ships are not player controlled, like a "transit helm".

    Even if you cannot change the entity properties to where players can move around while the ships are flying (or sailing) you could also have an automated warning message "Ship will be taking off in 30 seconds, please take your seat", and any players that refuse to do so can be booted and ported to another new block in a "Boot" port block for the purpose of force porting players off the ship to that dock (or added functionality of the port blocks and the use of the aformentioned tool to determine the teleport position) This way you can also avoid players falling off the ship once it takes off.

    Man... I really need to just buckle down and learn how to program. This is still open source is it not?

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    posted a message on LittleTiles v1.3.0 #BuildItYourself - Finally Updated to 1.11.2 and 1.10.2

    I am with TomXPro. at least the 1.3.0 update to the 1.7.10. There are just so many great mods that ended with 17.10. And the battle system is not as much fun past 1.9. Would be deeply appreciated if you did the 1.3.0 for 1.7.10. Would love you long time! XD

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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Quote from End3kitten

    you should re-add is the ability to adjust spawn rates of all mobs.

    Config file bro. Ents seems to be broken with my version 1.6.4 Forge v9.11.1.965. I simply put false under canspawn, but spawn rates is on of the configurable options.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    I am new to launching a server, and want to add this to my mods collection (not a mod pack, this is not a request for it for I read all about that.), I literally just got my server up and running a little bit over 10 hours ago. Been tinkering, slowly adding more, making sure all is compatible, fps does not spike, I want a lot of added mod power, without sacrificing performance of course. Anyways, had this mod as one of the first installed working properly, or so I thought. My worlds kept becoming corrupt and unplayable. I would have to deleted the world from my server then start over. I was of course only testing, and finally found that Ents proc a ticking error if more than two naturally spawn. Once you try to re log if they are still there, I am immediately booted off after but 3-4 seconds enough to barely count nearby Ents. So I suppose my question would be, how would I go about posting an error log for you to review this. In the meantime I just figured I could configure the Ents to not spawn. And I tested spawn eggs, once I had spawned 3 safely, but could not interact with them at all. Could not attack them, and collision with them was gone, I could walk right through them. So anyways, that is a bug I would not mind helping test if guided as to how to provide you with my error log, I have the console log I can copy paste, but I do not want to plaster code here, guide me to where and I shall try to provide.I also wanted to note, I rarely post, I read forums thoroughly usually before any action, but I am in full testing/tinkering mode and would enjoy some help please.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Suggestion][Leaves]Leaf Nerfing
    This suggestion is rather silly, hate to say. I only stumbled upon it because I am looking for a light mod to alter the physics of leaves to allow the player to walk or fall through them such as cobwebs. I think this is a much better suggestion and I do not want to have to play TerraFirmaCraft just for this minor feature. If anyone knows of such a mod to alter the physics to individual block (other than BlockPhysicsMod which is ram intensive and outdated) please let me know. I have been looking for hours with no luck. Would be awesome to also add another Hay bale block with the same physics to have an assasin's creed styled PVP. Anyone's thoughts on this alteration to leaves instead of ^ that?
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    posted a message on PermissionsEX Premade File, Edit to your will!
    I have a few questions I was wondering if someone could answer. I have a basic understanding of the PEX permissions/groups/inheritance. Using the Command reference I noticed the command /rules. Then noticed that the rules are to be formatted into the config.yml. (According to the Plugin MineCraft : Essentials wiki) http://verywiki.net/...ft_:_EssentialsSo my questions are, does the /rule provide text configured in the config stating the rules of the server? Or are they server rule presets (such as banned ID blocks or items) And if they are the prior how would I go about formatting the "rules" of my server. My intent is to supply everyone on my server the /rules command and producing a message upon login to "/rules to view the Rules" instead of the silly sign rules that so many servers use. I believe spawning into a world with a wall of signs stating the common "Do Not ask for items/to be OP'd, Do not spam" (usual givens) can really take away from the aesthetics of a spawn town/marketplace. Also, is there a way to create a custom command, such as /lore to be given texts stating the lore of the server (of which I know I can create a book with such texts created/given to every new login/default user, but I think this would be a clean innovative way to approach the issue. Also note I apologize for asking for asking such questions, I am normally a self-learner whom has no problem reading through forums or doing simple searches to find my answers. yet alas such queries has produced squat on the matters. Any help/answers/guidance would be deeply appreciated.

    Aaaaaand yet one more question, just tried to search for this but again kept finding general "how to" stuff I already know. Is there a way to give permissions to an entire category of commands ie the General commands?
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    posted a message on Suggestion for dimensions management
    I am in school to learn programming, and this concept is on my to do list, but that may be a year or two away from now. So I post this Idea in hopes of seeing it arrive sooner rather than later. I am new to server administration, so please do correct me if I am wrong, but I would assume a server with multiple dimensions (Ather, Nether, End, Twilight Forest, ext) would cause a lot of issues with latency after the dimensions have been thoroughly explored and expanded. I would like to see a management plugin that allows for the refresh of dimensions upon no player being in the dimension. I would have it set, if there are no players in a dimension, even though the portal has been there for some time, a new one (dimension) is created. Upon a player(s) complete evacuation of the realm, if is deleted to conserve server space. Maybe implement a timing for how long the dimension can exist with no player present. Obviously would need a restriction to not allowing chuck loaders within the (non)Overworld dimensions. This would make it much easier to have a server with 5+ dimensions or plenty more since more are being published. Also would create a unique experience every time the servers players every time they enter the different realms. Just a thought, and like I said I will be working on this in the future if it is not implemented. I have searched thoroughly, and if I am mistaken please point me in the right direction, but I do not believe such a plugin exists. Any coders out there I wonder what your thoughts would be of this, and whether or not the constant deletion/creation would cause latency issues

    Feature suggestions
    -Auto delete/create upon (all) player(s) exit/ player(s) entrance
    -Configurable timing
    20 mins after evacuation auto delete
    Set daily (realtime) intervals of refresh (deleting/creating) with forced evacuations of all players
    (configurable warnings before forced evacuation) Could also be weekly/monthly -Dimensional Spawning Management
    help to prevent auto deletion upon death, spawn at portal instead of to overworld
    Or maybe a countdown to how long you have to reenter the Realm before it's collapse (deletion)
    Forward hosting (programmers please let me know if this is impossible) Create a dimension on the players computer (private realm offline that is linked to the realm of the server) Then with a party system can bring befriended players to their private dimension through a Forward hosting process (such as done with console games, one console will be chose to host the game)

    Would love to hear from programmers and players alike on their thoughts of this idea and would love to hear of even more features that could be integrated to compliment such an idea
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