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    posted a message on Infinite Hosting
    +1 Used Infinite Hosting a couple of times. The server quality was 20 tps nonstop 24/7.

    Great Host!
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    posted a message on Cheap Twitch/YouTube Overlays! xSlickGFX
    Half Off! The Whole Order Is Half Off!
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    posted a message on Cheap Twitch/YouTube Overlays! xSlickGFX
    Waiting List:


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    posted a message on Cheap Twitch/YouTube Overlays! xSlickGFX

    Welcome to the Official, xSlickGFX Twitch and YouTube Overlay Shop!


    Base Layout - $5.00

    Your name and the layout of the template.

    Base Layout with Webcam- $6.00

    Your name, webcam (you choose the location), and the layout of the template.


    2 Social Media Icons- $1.00

    2 Social Media Icons with your name to the social media. (Just examples: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, ect.)

    Bottom Pannel with 2 Sponsorship Icons- $3.00

    2 Sponsorship Icons with your name to the social media.(Just examples: Machinima, KontrolFreaks, Scuf)

    Small Bottom Marquette Box with Text- $2.00

    Small Bottom Marquette Box which can text. (Just examples: Thanks for tuning in, Welcome to the stream, ect)


    PayPal Only

    No Refunds

    No Editing (Hurts the buisness)

    Always have your friends go to xSlickGFX!

    Contact my Skype with this ready:

    Name (For Conversation <3):

    Selection you want (So I know what to make):

    Your Name for the Title (So I can make it):

    What you want on your social links/sponsorship/marquette (Only if you pay for the option)

    PayPal Email (So I know its you):

    My Skype: xSlickSticks


    Made Mine Custom


    Customized Twitch Overlay


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    posted a message on VendettaPvp | Factions | Raiding | Lottery | Click Me!
    Vendetta PVP - Vendettapvp.net

    Info: Come check out this amazing new server! We host a lot of fun plugins. Our main plugin is Factions. We have a great spawn and shop. Our donator ranks are amazing and you really get your money's worth. We just need to get a player base going to keep the server up! So, come join and get started on the fun.

    Referral Program Info: Bring a friend and you and your friend earn a point! If your friend brings a friend, then they will be the only two to earn a point. Earn 30 points and you can get a code to get the Donor Rank free!

    Server Info: Our plugins are added to enhance the experience of our players. We have ObsidianDestroyer since this is a raid server and we want our players to have fun time not only building a base, but raiding others to get some epic loot! We have Lottery so our players can win extra side cash while mining and selling their items in our shop. We have SilkSpawners, so our players can setup a way to get extra cash from selling the mob drops or just to bring in XP faster. (Only Gold+ Donators can mine spawners, but everyone can place them when bought in the shop) We have the Auction plugin as yet another way for players to make cash on the side of selling to shop. We also have player heads so that you can keep a trophy everytime you kill a player.


    1. Do Not Spam or Use Excessive Capital Letters.

    2. Raiding, Scamming, And PvPing are all allowed, so Do NOT complain when you die, get raided, or scammed.

    3. Scamming may be allowed, but RANK scamming is NOT allowed and anyone who charges back will be permanently banned.

    4. Be respectful to ALL staff members. Player disrespect is allowed, but keep it clean.

    5. DO NOT ask for OP or items from any staff member.

    6. Hacked clients are NOT allowed. You WILL be caught and you WILL be banned. Things allowed are: Shaders and Optifine.

    7. Use common sense. Staff will tempban you if you are acting up and being straight out stupid.

    Current Staff (We are looking for staff, Apply on the forums) :

    Owner: SlickSticks

    HeadAdmin: IAmLegend1337

    Website: http://officialvendettapvp.enjin.com/

    Please post any comments, questions, or concerns on the forums in the website.
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    posted a message on [VendettaPvP] [mc.VendettaPvP.net] Raiding, Factions, Lottery! [No Lag] [24/7] [No-Whitelist]
    Thanks GaredBFergason!

    See you ingame!
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    posted a message on [VendettaPvP] [mc.VendettaPvP.net] Raiding, Factions, Lottery! [No Lag] [24/7] [No-Whitelist]
    Owner: SlickSticks (me)

    HeadAdmin: IAmLegend1337

    Sponsor: Daniel

    Hop On!
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    posted a message on [VendettaPvP] [mc.VendettaPvP.net] Raiding, Factions, Lottery! [No Lag] [24/7] [No-Whitelist]

    Welcome to VendettaPvP! We are a Faction/PVP based server that plans on keep on growing in the future with a friendly community and Staff. We run 24/7 and are on a dedicated server with DDOS protection and No-Lag, along with Factions, Shop, Lottery, and other various plugins to keep the server up and running, as well as enjoyable without being overpowered at the same time. The IP if you didn't get to see it, is mc.VendettaPvP.net. Hop on and you can have the best experience!







    Voting Rewards




    ...and much more!

    Join Today!


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    posted a message on Nick Problem
    Ty a lot!
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    posted a message on [Feature] Changing Main Forum Box Color!
    Hello Everyone!

    I think we should change the color of the boxes when you go to the forums section of the website. It looks grey and dull, when the Minecraft Forums are supposed to be filled with knowledge and wisdom of the community. You should change it to a cyan or something that goes with the top of the page color. It would make the Minecraft Forums seem like not just any other black and grey scale website, but one like no other!

    Comment what you want the color to be!


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    posted a message on VendettaPvP | Needs a Good Builder!

    I have Skype: Pee.poop2

    I am a professional builder and have tons of experience.

    I've been playing minecraft for about 5 years.

    Ill send you pictures through Skype.

    Added :)
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    posted a message on Professional Server Sponsorship

    Hello! I know that you are looking for sponsors, But we are offering 50% off on all of our products right now. This could help you a lot if you have little cash right now. If you are interested, Please come on by and take a look at our products. If you have any questions, feel free open the live chat or submit a ticket. Have a nice day.

    We now offer 45 Days Enjin Premium Trial to all our customers for free!

    The Sale Is On! Use "SummerHols" to get 50% OFF your server! Only $3/GB RAM!

    Our Website:

    All our servers come with:
    > Full Live Support
    > Custom .jar Uploads
    > Mod Installation Support
    > One Click Plugin Installation
    > One Click Support
    > Intel Xeon E5 Processors
    > Multicraft Control Panel
    > MySQL Databases
    > Professional Hosting
    > Our Staff Will Install Modpacks for you
    > 100Mb/S Speed

    -Adam | PixelBlockHosting.com Sales Representative

    Do you guys think you can open up on a Sponsor Deal?
    I currently don't have any money to spend besides what I get after donations for advertising.
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    posted a message on VendettaPvP | Needs a Good Builder!
    Thank you for further submissions.
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    posted a message on VendettaPvP | Needs a Good Builder!

    My name is Slick, from VendettaPvP, and we are currently looking into adding builders to the server. You need to meet the requirements below:

    - Has Skype
    - Can Build Good
    - Familiar With Minecraft

    Post some pictures of your server builds and you can be choosen!

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    posted a message on (ZeroFactions) Staff Application
    Quote from Mo0stache

    IGN: Mo0stache
    Age: 12
    Skype: dian19822
    What You Wanna Be: Builder/Mod
    Why: I am much more mature than my age states I am. People believe I am much older than I am and I feel like I am responsible for a job like this. I am naturally a good leader and can make sure everyone follows the server rules.
    For a builder, I am a current digital artist. With this artistic creativity, I can make some of the best builds.
    How Long A Day Will You Be On: I'm usually on during the entire week, mostly after 2, and I will be sometimes inactive. I will be available over the summer and I will go into a state of inactivity until holidays and such. However, I can still be in the chat on a tablet.
    Why I Shall Choice You: Like I stated above, I think I'm ready for a position like this.
    Screanshot Of A Build You Made (If you wanna be builder):

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