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    posted a message on Does gamerule spawnRadius increase spawn chunk size?

    So.. I've been wondering, does gamerule spawnRadius increase the spawn chunk size too? I want to know and I've tried looking and testing but I have no idea how to test this. I would prefer you tell me if it increases the spawn chunk size but you can also just tell me how to test. The reason I really want to know is because instead making my command blocks stack up to the maximum build height, I want it to be spread out (but I will still stack it, obviously). Thanks.

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    I figured I should just give up. I was thinking about this and giving regen every so often. But that also puts your hunger down about 3x faster (tested it). If you give regeneration to a player, their hunger goes down too much, and if you give saturation, their regen goes too fast. There's no way I can really fix this. Oh well.

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    So... I've come across a big problem for me. When eating food, it heals up your hearts fast (If your hunger bar becomes full). Instead of a golden apple healing it's normal 2 hearts, you apparently get more than 4. I saw a thread about this and it was a new feature, but now it removes the use of saturation. If you give constant saturation, you will constantly get 1 heart every 0.5 seconds. It's basically regeneration, but you stay full. Is there a way to disable this? I was working on an RPG Map and I really didn't want people to carry around food and this is a big problem.

    Here's a vid showing this "feature":

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    Hey guys! Today on my server, I was wondering how to make invisible light sources for our RPG Map (can be found in WIP Maps, somewhere there). I saw an invisible light source, and wonder how does that happen? So I looked around to see what caused it. I noticed it was raining. I immediately thought lightning. I thought about my old servers and there was always those random patches of light and it was constantly raining. I started thinking and guessed it was due to unloaded chunks and re-loading them without the fire but the light is still there. Turns out, I was correct. I tried it out and it worked perfectly. All I did was summon lightning and then /tp 0 4 0 on my server. Waited a little bit, tped back to the place I was just at and the fire was gone and the light was still there.

    If you place a block over it, it'll disappear. But now here is the tricky part: If you stay in the chunk it'll disappear (obvious) but if you leave it and it unloads and you come back, the light is also back. Even with doFireTick off it still goes away. Too bad I couldn't use it for my RPG Map :I

    (I also have no idea if anyone figured this out already so yeah)

    If you also have any idea how this happens, let me know. If you also have ideas that uses no blocks what-so-ever for invisible light sources, please tell me.

    *My YT Channel is Kilock if you wanna see any of the RPG Map thingy, it's going real slow*

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    posted a message on RPG MAP LOOKING FOR HELP

    To Apply:

    IGN: Zombie__YT

    Skills: Basic Command-Blocking and Redstoning, Decent Building, Experience with World Edit and Voxel Sniper

    Skill Level (1-10): About a 7 in Command-blocking and Redstone, 7 in Building, 9 in WE and Voxel

    Activity(1-5): 3.5

    Skype Name: Zombie__YT

    Devotion(1-15): 10-11

    What bothers you when you're in groups?: Too many people trying to force me to do something their way.

    Oi, too many people with the same name, can you add me instead? justakilock is my skype! :)
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    posted a message on RPG MAP LOOKING FOR HELP


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    posted a message on RPG MAP LOOKING FOR HELP
    Quote from Dani3390»

    My IGN is dani3390. On skype my name is bonifazi.danilo1. I'm not the best builder , but I'm pretty good (7/10) , I'm not a genius on command block and redstone , But I know the basic mechanics and I'm sure to give a big help. I'm active only during the night starting 9 p.m. I WANT to help in this project because I'm sure it's going to be really fantastic,

    Sorry, couldn't find your skype name, perhaps you can add me. Mine is justakilock.
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    posted a message on RPG MAP LOOKING FOR HELP

    Here we go again, my 3rd attempt at making this post really grab your attention. :)


    My attempt of making a MMORPG styled map with my other friends. My inspiration comes from my love for MMORPG games. Here are a list: Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom, Maplestory, and more. (Sorry played too many, forgot.)

    The map is expected to take very long, just because of the little dedication we have and our outside lives are more important. This map is expected to be played in singleplayer, and there will be two maps. One for multiplayer and one for singleplayer? Why? By removing (unimportant multiplayer) command blocks for singleplayer mode we can reduce lag greatly. This map will be free to download once and when it comes out. If you have played any of the MMORPGs listed above, props to you, and you obviously see what we re-created (Probably not that accurate, all coming off my memory)


    • Custom NPCs
    • Skills (Like actual skills found in any MMORPG or RPG)
    • Quests (You don't have to do the quests at all, you can just "grind" to level
    • REP Quests (These give you "reputation for what you did, higher "reputation" you have, the better items you can buy from the reputation NPCs. You can repeat these. The name comes from the first 3 letters of reputation and repeatable)
    • Food NPCs (You have unlimited saturation, like any MMORPG, but you can buy special food for special effects)
    • Potions (Potion of Healing, Potion of Mana, Potion of Power, Elixir, Mana Pot, Health Pot)
    • Custom Armor
    • Set Effects (Lets say there's something called a Dragon Set and if you have all the armor from it, you get an effect)
    • Mana/Health (Thinking of not having Mana, because you already have a cooldown?)
    • Custom XP
    • Etc, too much to list.

    Here's a video. This was poorly made by me. I will do a lot better than this as I was just bored in single player and this was not the map itself. It's just a concept to get you thinking.

    So now you get the idea, but here's a demo of a boss fight, I did not make a new video as this boss was tweaked many times for experienced and non-experienced players. The "Redan" guy is also a concept, we will change his animation later on if you wish because it's kind of just boring to see him wave.

    Here's also some inspiration (and yes there is planned to be custom music):

    If you're wondering why I have so many dislikes, it's because my friends dislike every video I have. Also, that is just the beginning of the map, which as you can see is barely started. Now, we have got some good progress on it, but still needs a lot of help.

    Finally, to Apply:



    Skill Level (1-10):


    Skype Name:


    What bothers you when you're in groups?:

    Sometimes, I can't find your Skype, so if you don't have a complex Skype name and it's like "CoolKid", you're better off adding me instead. Add me @justakilock

    Oh yeah forgot to mention, this map is supposed to be big. Not those 4k by 4k maps, but probably taking up more than 15k by 15k, depending on how much we feel like doing. Over 25 days of gameplay is expected (If you're a normal person and don't like Kill Aura/Bot or exploit the map). Most likely over 300 quests and over 100 custom bosses with their own skills. And I'm probably doing all that redstone.


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