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    posted a message on The Immortal Warrior (But he's still training) (Like the self-teaching wall)

    I am inactive.

    (This is based off of a thread a while ago called the Self Learning Wall, or Self Teaching Wall or something like that)

    The goal of the game is to pass the warrior. There are many loopholes, until he learns how to counter them. It will become progressively harder, until it is impossible to pass. In that case, I will make a new thread or something similar. (If you have ideas of what to do then, either put it after your post or PM me. :))

    You are walking on a path in the woods, but you run into a man clad in nothing. He says, "I am the Immortal Warrior! I can never die! And you may not pass by me without defeating me!"

    Do whatever you think will let you pass, but keep to the laws of physics please. What do?


    - Has a stone that revives and wakes him instantly.

    - Has Moody's magic eye.

    - Has a cool chair.

    - has finish, can't be damaged.

    - Has a forcefield that cancels projectiles from outside and teleportation from inside and outside.

    - Has a narrow hallway leading to the path. Vehicles can't fit through.

    - Has a device that can see where people are. Pairs nicely with Moody's invisible-seeing eye.

    - has magical anti-hacking software

    - Has magic barrier to protect force field from being disabled

    - He does not accept offers for other types of challenges.

    - He does not accept briberies.

    - He does not make friends.

    - He is not intimidated by political figures.

    - He does not like thinking extensively.

    - Knows technique to remove all air from his body, reduces his size.

    People who have passed: (You can do it again, I'll just add a modifier by your name.)

    Darthrafael (x4)

    ScorpionXR64 (x3)

    Commandosaurus (x3)

    GoldHero101 (x3)

    StarlightGlimmer (x2)

    TanKsverylot (x2)




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    They heavily balanced the melee combat in the 1.9 update. Though bows weren't even touched. I suggest that knockback scales along with the damage based on how much you charged the bow prior to shooting it. Also, if you shoot the bow without charging at all, it will do no damage whatsoever, but still the very small amount of knockback. This would prevent bow spamming and entice more players to use the new melee combat when close enough, instead of spamming right click.


    The bow would take the same amount of time to charge completely, but the fully charged bow wouldn't be a critical hit regardless, you would have to release the right mouse button during the brief amount of time the bow is critically available. If you wait too long, it will lose the critical hit, but still travel the same distance. You wouldn't be able to sit behind a corner and have an arrow crit waiting for a player walking near. Proper timing would show a bit more skill and stop people from camping with an arrow.

    To compensate for the no-charge knockback removal, a critical hit would do more knockback as well.

    Thanks for reading.

    ---There may be bad latency issues if the idea below is implemented. Please keep in mind that if that is the case, the idea is considered null, and I wouldn't want it part of the suggestion, or in the game.

    Hitting your targets would now do more or less damage based on where the arrow hits.

    List of part damages:

    Torso: No changes

    Leg: 0.6x

    Arm: 0.6x

    Head: 1.25x

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    posted a message on Changes to gravity

    Games aren't made to be realistic, they are made to be fun. This would make everything inconvenient and remove quality of life, making the game much less fun.

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    posted a message on A way to make everyone happy about the new combat system.
    Quote from Zarlog_Core24»

    Making a change this big this late in the game (it had the old combat system for 7 years for goodness sake!) should have at least given us an option to turn it off it we don't like it.

    No, it's a change to the game. There are workarounds to avoid it. People said they should have a toggle for hunger for a while after 1.8 beta as well. They're over it.

    They should have released it in a way that described it well. There are many people who still don't know it exists and use the old spammy combat.
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    posted a message on Expanding the Ocean: Reefs, Coral, Mobs, and more!
    Quote from EN7»

    I like everything in here. Traversing oceans, whether by choice or by circumstance, is incredibly boring. And visible fish have been long overdue, and sharks would add some credible marine threat. I really hope Mojang adds this stuff.

    Mostly what EN7 said.
    Ocean are plain and uneventful, as the only thing there is squids and Ocean Temples.
    The blue dye is amazing, as I can never find lapis when I'm looking for it. I like to dye my armor and sheeps, (and hopefully beds in the future) so saving my lapis for enchanting would help tremendously. I do think the potion of swimming would be cool, because there's aqua affinity and efficiency, which could be argued do the same thing (albeit in different situations), and they aren't considered redundant.

    so much support
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    posted a message on Which kind of kid were you?
    Quote from SsRao»

    I was a gamer from my childhood.

    What systems did you grow up playing? I'm partial to the Gamecube myself.
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    posted a message on 1.10 Auto Jumping Glitch

    If you don't want to use autojump you can turn it off in the top of the controls menu. But you should submit it to the bugtracker at https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC, even if it turns out not to be a bug. :)

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    posted a message on Auto jump??? WHY??
    Quote from REDPHISTOR2»

    I looked in controls and saw now way to turn it off. It just says jump is the space bar. And yeah whatever!

    It's at the top.
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    posted a message on Auto jump??? WHY??

    You can turn it off. Controls section.

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    posted a message on Server Select

    You could use ChestCommands to bring up the menu and execute the commands from MicroJump.

    EDIT: They might not be updated, though. I used them a while ago.

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