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Hey everyone! I go by the name Ezra, and i am a 17 year old male from western Canada (eh?) i've been playing PC minecraft since alpha 1.0.17, or around there. (not sure if that is the right version number) i also play xbla minecraft so i can play with friends that dont play PC. The thing i love to do most in minecraft is branch mine. i swear im addicted to just that!

Other games i enjoy playing are FF I,II,III,IV,VII and 13, as well as all COD WAW, blops, and blops 2 (mostly for zombies), as well as the Elder scrolls series.

I like to think that i am an okay musician as well, as i have been playing acoustic and electric guitar for over 8 years, and bass for 4 years. i have also taught myself to sing, and have been singing for about 2 years now.

I listen to mostly Punk music, but enjoy mostly everything else as well. As for the subgenres i most often listen to, i usually listen to SkaCore. I listen to bands like Operation Ivy, The Infested, Choking Victim, Levtover Crack, Morning Glory, No Ca$h, Public Access, The Suicide Machines, and Anti Flag as well as Against All Authority, NOFX, The Descendents, Johnny Hobo/Wingnut Dishwasher Union, and older Green Day stuff as well.

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