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    Can't wait for this; hopefully you all are still planning on going through with it!

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    I know this topic is likely several months old from the last post

    Same here, since I took a break for a half a year...again. Don't get mad at me :P

    I'm almost done with the stone age but I have a couple questions if there is anyone who still looks at this thread. First off, did anyone else count a roof on top of their wall as part of their wall's actual height? And second, did anyone put structures outside of their main wall, and if so did you wall them off too? Just wondering, I've already built a big stone quarry outside my walls so I'm somewhat resigned to changing it, but I still could shift my wall around it. As for the first question, I'm just really not sure if I should count the wall's height as the height from the ground to the very top of the roof I'm putting above it.

    If anyone happens to be on this thread still and replies, thanks!

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    Hey, I have a question, are we allowed to use shears in the stone age? Do they count as an iron tool? I was wanting to shear my sheep to make purple carpets for decorating my keep but I don't want to break any rules, I'll wait until the Iron Age if I have to. Thanks.

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    Well, I started this a LONG time ago...and never got around to finishing XD. In fact, I'm still on the stone age, but looking at other pics I think that I am also going for a totally different style. Anyways, here are my pics to prove that I completed the wood age:


    That's me outside the front gate across the lake.


    The bridge just inside the front gate and the wheat farm.


    Across the bridge, just past the wheat farm. In the distance that's my keep, and yes...those are skeleton horses.


    Keep, and a closer view of the skeleton horses.




    Views from the top of the keep, and my bed. ;D


    And finally, my inventory of treasure. Wood Age complete!

    I should also mention that inside of the keep is my spawnpoint and chest... I just didn't take a pic at the time ;P

    Also worth noting how long ago I completed this, the 27th of June. That was like, 25 months ago?

    Anyways, I'll keep updating. The stone age is taking me forever but this is such a clever, fun challenge that I know I won't be quitting anytime soon!

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