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    I wrote a prompt for an auto crafter to craft sugarcane to paper, I know about the built in auto crafter but that goes to fast for NCP. I have it st click 45,44,43 and in between it puts it to 9,8,7. Here is a little taste of what it looks like $${SLOTCLICK(45)}$$$${SLOTCLICK(9)}$$$${SLOTCLICK(44)}$$$${SLOTCLICK(8)}$$$${SLOTCLICK(43)}$$$${SLOTCLICK(7)}$$

    but inbetween the Slot Click 8 & Slot click 43 I have a $${WAIT(150ms)}$$ so that it actually works.

    Now what I am asking is how can I have it so I can shift click the outcome of the crafting table slot 0 I know the macro says for the CMD PROMPT to have it $${SLOTCLICK(<slot>,[button],[shift]}$$ I understand nothing of that. So someone please help!

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