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    Server has been released! IP:

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    -----------------------------------------Server Banner----------------------------------------


    Disvisus MC is a RP and Non RP Survival minecraft server, set in a custom fantasy world, with a bunch of custom features that make it unique. Wether you are a player looking to roleplay in a medieval setting or a player that's just looking for an unique survival experience, this server will manage to satisfy all those survival or RP needs.

    Both players (RP and Non RP) play together in one same map, each one of them located in a different continent and separated by a vast ocean filled with sea monsters and islands, where the conflict and wars between them are always present. Pick your side and invade the opposite continent or just live in peace while developing your profession and building your home.


    -Custom 5k x 10k Map (With expansions for the future).

    -Fully editable terrain.

    -Automatic in-game whitelist (No applications required).

    -Semi-vanilla experience for Non RP players.

    -Serious Medieval Roleplay experience for RP players.

    -Reputation system, NPCs and quests.

    -Create your own guilds and claim land.

    -New Custom Items

    -New Custom Mobs and Dungeons



    - And much more!


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    posted a message on Roleplay Survival Server - Looking for staff!

    Hello! We're currently looking for passionate, talented and experienced staff members for our upcoming medieval RP survival server. Only a couple of staff roles are left so we can complete our staff team (Note that you need to have experience with RP in order to become a staff of this server). The server is currently in development but it's planned to release next week or so. It will feature a custom world and custom gameplay mechanics.

    If you're interested in knowing more, and getting more information on how to apply for a staff position just join our discord server: https://discord.gg/AuaEWYF

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    posted a message on New upcoming RPG/Survival server! Recruiting all staff positions!

    Hello! I'm in the process of creating a really cool RPG minecraft server. I'm in need of people that I can trust to manage it and improve it with me.

    To apply please join the discord server (https://discord.gg/AuaEWYF) and apply with the instructions given in the #selection-information channel.

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    posted a message on New upcoming RP server! Co-Owner needed!

    Hello! I'll be creating a RP server and I need a co-owner that has a lot of experience with RP servers, so together we can create something amazing. I already have an idea for this server which will be further discussed with whoever I choose to be the co-owner. This will be an unique experience very different from the rest of the servers out there (RP servers included).

    The requirements are simple:

    -Experience working with plugins/owning a server.

    -Having deep knowledge of RP servers.

    -Being friendly and knowing how to handle a team of people.

    I'll be taking care of the hosting, building, world designing and the whatever else needs to be done in terms of building.

    Some info about me: I'm a MC veteran. I started playing Minecraft in 1.7 beta and stopped playing around 5-6 years ago. Although it's been a while since I played this game I know every aspect of server owning and I can do it pretty much all (except coding), I'm almost a one army man. I've owned very successful RP servers in the past and I'm looking to create the definitive RP experience. But since now I'm older and busy with life I need a partner that can take care of it while I'm not there, having everything in control, fixing issues and improving things.

    If you are interested in this position, hit me up in discord: world_god#0504

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    posted a message on I can't find my "thing" in Minecraft

    not really, if you like command blocks then stick with command blocks

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    posted a message on What is the Best Key for Sneaking


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    posted a message on Reopening Towny War Server, Recommend Plugin Ideas Please!


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    posted a message on Looking for experienced and creative server owner

    Hello! I'm currently looking for an experienced and creative owner that can take care of a server. I'm looking for someone that has a neat idea for a new type of minecraft server and is able to manage the server without the need of help.

    About me: I'm a veteran minecraft player that stopped playing a long time ago but decided to check out it again since the game gained popularity, I've owned a couple of very successful and unique servers in the past but I do not have time to take care of a new server at this point in my life, so I'm looking for someone that has a very nice idea and wants to develop it but doesn't have the money to do so.

    The requirements for this role are the following:


    - Must have a creative idea for a MC server. (No minigames, factions , "PrisonOP", or Hub network servers)
    - Must have owned at least 1 server before and held at least 2 staff positions in other servers.
    - Must have server management skills (Installing and configuring plugins, setting up the whole server, knowing how to use essential plugins).
    - Must know how to advertise the server and get more players.
    - Must be active to take care of the server.
    - Must know how to handle a staff team.
    - Must be 15 or older.
    - Any other additional skills, besides server management, are a plus (Building, Graphic Design, Plugin Developer, Etc.).

    If you think you are the right person, please contact me via Discord: world_god#0504

    Only contact me via Discord, any response to this post will be ignored.

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