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    posted a message on My nether is unexplainably bad. What do I do?

    I collected obsidian with my new (At that time) diamond pick, constructed a portal, lit it, and entered the nether...

    Only to find that my portal was on a peninsula, AT lava level, surrounded by a well hundred blocks on each side by oceans of lava that had plenty of space for ghasts to spawn. And if you're wondering why I said "Peninsula", its because it is connected to land -- or should I say, the side of a cliff. I tried exploring it once, with my backup iron tools, and got lost very quickly and later fell down two ravines I didn't see and got burned by magma blocks on the second one. The nearest land besides that is hundreds of blocks away and there's no good method for me to bridge there without getting knocked off by ghasts every few blocks. I need to find a nether fortress or I have zero hope of finishing the game or beating any bosses. Should I somehow tower to the nether roof and start building a highway there? I don't know what to do -- any advice would be greatly appreciated by me, thanks.

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