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Intense sneeze

Hi. I'm twenty years old, unemployed, I'm a writer, and I watch a lot of YouTube. The only anime I'm actually into, right now, is BNHA. Speaking of which, I got Tik Tok just to see all the cosplay. Also, I have recessive Robinow Syndrome and reactive attachment disorder.


Writing, dramatic deaths in literature, when the female lead dies, when the best friend betrays the protagonist, really gross monsters, BNHA, ocean aesthetic, winter aesthetic, Halloween, learning memes, pasta, French fries, my parents, the fact that my little brother finally passed his driving test, my online friends, making new online friends, cosplay, sexual innuendoes at appropriate times, deciphering my dreams, jamming those dreams into my stories, and my medication, which both help me sleep and boosts my mood.

Location In my apartment

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