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    posted a message on New Server Looking for all staff (Paid)

    IGN: WindPusher

    Age: 11

    Time Zone:GMT+1 UK

    Position applying for: Moderator / Admin

    Why do you want to join: Well i am very good at spotting hacks and exploits and just cheats overall , i have also been playing minecraft for a really long time

    What makes you different than the other applicants: well i am very friendly and chatty in general and i would really like to hep out the server

    Available times:12 AM - 5 or 6 PM

    Discord: WindPusher#1544

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    posted a message on FrostyCraft [NEED STAFF] APPLY NOW!

    IGN: WindPusher

    AGE: 11

    WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE: I want to be a builder or staff i dont really mind

    REASON: i am very good at building and can easily spot hackers

    EXP: i have been builder on a server a while ago

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