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    posted a message on Lets count to 2012 #2!
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    posted a message on Current member title list
    Looks great! Thanks.
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    posted a message on New 1.3.2 Minecraft Server!
    I'm really experienced, I know how plugins work, aswell as the commands, I could help you with plugins and such.

    Thanks, willrule123.
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    posted a message on Need a few people for my small server!

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    posted a message on Looking for a repair mod for 1.3 that will do enchanted stuff
    Not sure about a mod that can do that, but if your willing to host a server, try Essentials. The command is /repair (all/hand). Other than having a server, not sure if there's an updated mod that can do that.
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    posted a message on Awesome Server
    Quote from ordinaryman

    So nice of you to recognize a growing cancer on the Minecraft world :) I returned the honor.

    Thanks, have a good day man. :)
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    posted a message on Awesome Server
    I'm going to be on in a minute, but I would like to just say, that if you want more players, make a nicer, more HQ post, i'll show you the one I made, that got lots of players. It can be found here. (I'm not advertising)
    Quote from ordinaryman

    doesn't anyone make a good server anymore? "pvp" "factions".... all filled with annoying little retards that have no clue what minecraft is for.... *sigh* the search continues

    I gave you a rep because your right, Like all I see is "Awesome Server" or "Cool Server Join Now!", It gets a little annoying.
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    posted a message on I am requesting a skin.
    Sorry, I had to leave soon after I posted this. Thanks for the skin. On the advertising, will do. :)
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    posted a message on I am requesting a skin.
    Hello everyone,

    I recently got really really hooked into tekkit, and I realized a skin with a business suit was terrible for that. I needed a worker suit. As i'm pretty bad at making skins, I am asking you guys to help me.

    It would be so great if you could help, here's what I want (at the very least).
    • Orange colored workers hard hat
    • Black construction suit
    • Black gloves, really just black at the end of the arm
    • Gray boots
    • Blue eyes

    That's about it, ask me on this post or PM me if you would need more info.

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    posted a message on Why
    Oh, thank god. I thought I was alone with the problems.. Changed my password :P
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    posted a message on How do u add achievements to minecraft 1.3
    You would need to decompile Minecraft and edit code, it would be pretty hard for you if you didn't know java.
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    posted a message on How Terrible is My (And Your) Computer?
    Mine is pretty good, just got it setup.

    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.8GHz
    8192MB RAM
    Hard Drive:
    1 TB
    Video Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
    Sound Card:
    Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
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    posted a message on [The PoiXson Server][Anti-Grief][24/7][No-Whitelist][Great Plugins][Mature, Dedicated Staff][Much, Much, More]
    The PoiXson Server!

    :Diamond: New players, please read the rules, preferably the whole thread! :Diamond:

    The PoiXson server is a strong, creative/survival server housing a great Minecraft community. PoiXson started with humble beginnings; having just a few members and one world.. Since then, we've gathered more members, more worlds and much much more!

    At PoiXson, we are committed to respecting and supporting one another. Every Minecraft player has an equal opportunity to join and enjoy our server. We're willing to help new members settle in and establish a place of their own.

    • [-] TakingTest [-]
    • [-] Peasant [-]
    • [-] Villager [-]
    • [-] Wizard [-]
    • [-] Duke [-]
    • [-] Moderator [-]
    • [-] Administrator [-]
    • [-] King [-]

    [-] No griefing - we have excellent grief protection!
    [-] No lag, server runs on a great dedicated server which will have minimal lag!
    [-] 24/7! - the only downtime is when the server is restarted to install updates or for performance reasons
    [-] Anti-Griefing - server mods, IP bans, server backups every 30 minutes
    [-] Survival mode - Enemy monsters will spawn and harm you at night.
    [-] Dedicated Admin and Moderators are also found online most of the time
    [-] Even more! - the server is running some mods that add functionality to have a great experience

    Remember to read the rules thoroughly. Do not just skim them!
    [-] Do not grief.
    [-] Do not create any offensive structures.
    [-] No cheats/hacks, insta-ban.
    [-] Do not disrespect admins, mods, or players.
    [-] Don't be annoying on purpose.
    [-] DO NOT advertise other servers here, Instant ban or kick.
    [-] Only help people build if they accept.
    [-] Only enter a home if you have gotten permission to.
    [-] Don't beg for a higher rank.
    [-] No excessive swearing.
    [-] These are mostly common sense; if you feel like you're doing something bad, don't do it.

    IP: mc.poixson.com

    We also have Ventrilo!

    Ventrilo Server details:
    Server address : poixson.com
    Server Port: 3784
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    posted a message on New survival server looking for members [whitelist]
    IGN: snowyman97
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Timezone: USA Pacific
    How many hours a day are you online?: 4
    How long have you played minecraft for?: Since Minecraft Beta 1.5
    A little bit about yourself: I like minecraft and having fun.

    Edit: 150 Posts!
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    posted a message on i made an epic house
    Put pictures so people actually know it is safe to download. To put a picture, follow these steps:
    1) Take a screenshot (F2)
    2) Go to Roaming/.minecraft/screenshots
    3) Take the image(s) and drag them to your desktop
    4) Go to a site like imgur.com and upload them.
    5) Take the Message Board link and paste in in your post.

    Congratulations! You should now have a picture in your post.
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