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    posted a message on Forsaken Island Prison - Need Staff (Admins, Guards)

    Maturity level(1-10): 7
    Timezone: UTC -4 canada quebec
    When did you start playing minecraft: 2 years ago
    How many hours a day can you dedicate?: 2-6
    Past Staff Experiences: yes last 3 weeks or so
    Personality Trait(s): very nice ,patient
    Are you experienced with prison servers?: nope
    Why would you like to be an Admin on our server?: to help others and maintain
    Why should you be chosen?: because i would be very happy to be the admin of this server
    What are you best at server wise?: from 1-10, building 6, helping 8
    Do you have a skype?(This is not required): yes
    What plugins are you experienced with?: world edit
    What is an example of a Bannable offense: hacking, duping, greifing
    What is an example of a Mutable offense: spamming, swearing
    Anything else you want me to know?: not really

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