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    Very cool map, I know it is three years old and the developer probably has moved on with his life but this was very fun to play, anyways minecraft 1.8 hype!
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    The Miner Adventure Map
    Version 1.1 for Minecraft version 1.5.2:

    Download Latest Version- http://adf.ly/PD9Pq
    ​ Description: The Miner is a daring adventure map where you have to mine through the layers of minecraft and gather resources. Along the way you will find dungeons with awesome loot and epic battles. Join your friends on this awesome survival map that will keep you entertained for hours. But be warned, even the most advanced minecraft players may have trouble with some of the dungeons. Have fun and happy mining.


    • Scoreboard to keep track of deaths
    • Multiplayer Spectating/ Joining system
    • Custom Villager Shop
    • Survival themed map
    • 6 dungeons + final boss battle
    • Challenging for more experienced players
    • Gamerules to prevent cheating
    • Dungeons may have parkour, mazes, epic battles exct.
    Version History
    Version 1.0 for minecraft 1.5.1- http://adf.ly/O5ciO
    Version 1.1 for minecraft 1.5.2- http://adf.ly/PD9Pq
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