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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [NO WHITELIST] ~ PVP ~ 15+ Plugins ~ Survival ~ 25 Player Slots ~ Economy ~ Ranks
    Mod Application:

    IGN: wightwing7

    Age: My current age is 16, but that can change in a year. :P

    What you're good at in Minecraft: I'm good making something look real. I can make giant buildings like areas, hotels, castles, temples, mazes, etc...

    Will we have problems with you if I choose you?: Not a chance, I have been ranked in other server and I just can't stand the feeling of doing something wrong or unfair. I always try to make things even when a problem comes into hand.

    Why should I choose you?: I can be every supportive to the server. I love to invite friends to come and build with me. If I ever start on a minecraft I love to go and help people and get them resources or if someone else has just started new, I love to be the first to welcome them and help them make their first house and give them a few of my own resources to help them.

    Minecraft Experience: I have been playing classic for a long time and when the alpha came I bought it right away. I have been playing it ever sense then. I now all about minecraft and its past and everything that comes with it.

    Why do you want to join this server?: I have been looking for a good server to join and stay. The past few server I last played seemed right on the first day, but sadly later the staff wasn't that nice to everyone. So I continued on my search for a new server and I have come to this one. I am every happy to see a new server come into place.

    Edit: I would love to go for a admin app for sadly they are all taken, but I also do agree with the to may admins. Normal I would see about double the amount of mods over admins and have 6 admins rises the chance of one of them being corrupted. Please do keep a watchful eye over them, I would hate to see a new server get drilled into the ground.
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