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    posted a message on -Gminecraft- Double World [Factions] [Raid] [Peaceful] [Build] [1.10] [Hard Mode] [NO WHITELIST]

    Minecraft name: Widomz
    Age: 20
    Why you want to become member: Been playing on this server for a few hours now, and i've noticed i can't use the sethome command.. Now i'm scared to leave my house, because i'm afraid i might get lost and never return to it again..
    What you like about this server: That it's Vanilla Minecraft.
    Have you read the rules: Yes! I read the rules on the signs in the spawn area.
    In-game how many banners are in/on the spawn house?: To be honest, i have no idea.. If i could i would do /spawn and count them, but without the /sethome command.. I'm afraid i'll never find my house again.. Hope this doesn't bother you too much.

    Here's a picture of my castle.. Under construction!

    My house

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    posted a message on FRIENDCRAFT! [UHC SURVIVAL] [1.7.2] [VANILLA]
    • IGN: widomz
    • Real Name: Petter
    • What you're good at: Playing minecraft the vanilla way without the use of any unworthy cheats
    • Age: 18
    • Have you been banned on a server? (We check on fishbans.com!) : Not that i can think of, doubt it.
    • Have you ever greifed?: To be honest, yes i have griefed someone. But that's not something i'm gonna do on this server.
    • Why do you want to join this server?:Wanna get the feel of the new 1.7 update with the new biomes and all.. bascially doing my singleplayer world in multiplayer.
    • Skype username: Sorry, i don't use skype..
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    posted a message on Looking for a development crew for a new server!
    Looking for a few people to help us out with a huge minecraft project.
    This is not gonna be any ordinary minecraft server, so be aware.

    We are planning things such as weekly updates with new content for the players to enjoy.
    Meaning, with new content every weekend, you pretty much cant get tired of repeating the same things over and over again.

    We are aiming for a spread out world wide playerbase, and the reason being is that we wanna communicate and talk to our players in the best way possible.

    Bascially we are bringing people world wide to one place, (our server/forums/etc) and making them spend time together.

    This is just some of the ideas, and i dont even bother explaining all here.

    Every decision made is voted by the crew,
    Our idea is to bring more minds and ideas together to make the best ones count.

    We will need people that are able to:

    -Design ingame (minecraft)
    -Have basic server setup knowledge
    -HTML, CSS, website/forum knowledge
    -FTP knowledge
    -Come up with good ideas ( Any idea counts, but adding santa and giving presents to trees takes the cake )

    If want to be a part of this, let me know either in the comment section, or send me a private message here on the forums.

    From there we will add each every member of the crew to a skype call
    A mic is not needed, it will mostly be text messages.

    We are not looking for 10 year old kids who knows how to write three lines with HTML, this is a serious project and we are looking for serious people.

    Mature and age is not a must, but use some common sense.
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    posted a message on xCraft - Please test our new IP.
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    posted a message on xCraft - Please test our new IP.
    Re-opened, once again!
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding problem [Need Help]
    Quote from bostonian

    It's possible somewhere your default password was changed from admin to something else. I might suggest calling your service provider or someone else and asking if your password has been changed/what it is.

    Also if you CAN connect to one of the Ip's what is your problem with using that one?

    If all else fails just go back to the beginning on portforward.com and start over.

    I've port forwarded my router, and i've checked it AT LEAST 20 times.. While checking if the port has been opened on portchecker websites.. the default gateway shows "Open" while my ip shows "closed"

    I've had people trying to connect, they either "time out" or "can't reach server"

    Any ideas?

    Quick Edit:

    I've allowed Java to connect with my internet, and it's open at my firewall settings..
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding problem [Need Help]
    I can start off with explaining my problem.
    My goal is to successfully open the port "25565" on a wireless "D-link 624" and broadband modem.

    I know how to open ports in my routers configurations, and i already have opened the port 25565.
    The port is still closed. Not a surprise.

    I've setup a static IP: "" to prevent my IP from changing.
    IPv4 address is the same as the "Static address" shown above.

    Here's my default gateway "" as in most cases.

    This is for my Router (D-Link 624)
    I've opened the port 25565, and used my static IP as private IP.

    I'm not able to open my IPv4 address in the browser, i don't know if that's normal, or?

    On the other hand, when i search for my actual IP address 84.**.***.***.** in the browser, it asks for Username and password.

    I've tried quite a few passwords and usernames already, but i cant seem to figure it out..

    I've tried my routers username and password. No luck

    user and password user/blank. no luck

    admin password admin. no luck

    admin password blank (nothing). No luck

    My SSID (Connection Name) and network password. No luck..

    How do i find this password and username? and what is the difference between using my default gateway and actual ip address?

    I know the Default gateway ( is my routers IP address.
    My actual IP address on the other hand, is what exactly? My computers Ip address.

    I've also tried logging in with my computer username and password. Guess what, it does not work.

    Since each and every computer has it's own IP address, it should be my computer username and password? Would make more sense to use those to connect to my computers IP?

    Please help me clear things up, i'm kind of confused with all this..

    Bascially what im asking, How do i get this damn port open? It seems to be hiding behind "two" routers, with the one i cannot connect to being one of them..

    All answers is highly appreaciated!
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    posted a message on How do I add Tekkit to my server
    Since im a nice guy, im going to help you out :)
    Before choosing a Minecraft host, i would recommend choosing a host with the FTP option.

    FTP allows you to transfer, upload/download your server files as you want at any time.

    Filezilla is an easy drag and drop FTP client. <-- Recommend using that (i personally use that)

    Let's say GoDaddy have a FTP option, what do you do now? Wlel, that's a good question..

    Open up Filezilla, after doing so.. Go to your FTP option on GoDaddy. There you will find a username, password and port to connect with.

    Enter those details in the top left corner on your filezilla client.
    This will allow you to connect to your FTP server. Congratulations, now you can transfer files freely! :steve_shocked: Amazing, right? :Sheep: (baah)

    That's not all, or is it?
    No, it's not.

    By using FTP, you will need to have your server client ready to go before uploading it.
    Let's say you've setup your tekkit server-client,and have tested it on your computer.. ( and it works)
    Well, then there is only one thing to do. Drag that ­ into Filezilla and upload it to your host.

    NB: Remember to use your host's (GoDaddy's) IP in the server properties. Otherwise people wont be able to connect :P Kinda obvious though..

    Now that you've successfully setup your dedicated Tekkit server, you can start working on a Update.
    While your server is up and running dedicated, you can work on another server-client in the meanwhile. Add more plugins, do some bug fixes.

    This is where the fun starts.. You can announce to your players, on that date and on that hour, the server will be down for a maintenance.. This patch will include blablablablabla, more mobs, blablabla, dungeons, raids whatever..

    Kinda makes you feel superior! :smile:
    at least it does for me. :)
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    posted a message on IP4 keeps changing
    As mentioned above. Open CMD (Command promt) type "/ipconfig all" Find your default Gateway "192.168.*.*** "
    Type the address you just found into your browser. That will lead you to your router setting page. Login with the username "Admin"
    and the password will be the password of your internet connection"
    You will need access, and need to know your connection password to do this. If you dont know your password, you might have a problem..

    After loggin in, theres a few options to choose from, depending on your router. Most people use D-link routers, and they are pretty easy to handle.

    Look through the options and find "Static IP" Make sure that it's enabled. This means that the IP will stay there same until you manually change it. If its set as a the other option, it will change everytime you login/connect to your network.

    If its enabled and still having this issue, check the guide posted above
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    posted a message on What is the easiest way but effective way of advertising your server
    Use google and search for "Minecraft servers". By doing so, there is quite a few sites that you can put your server up on. One of the famous sites, "xtremetop100.com" has a voting option. Which can be used for rewards ingame. That will make people vote for your server, aslong as the votes come in, your server gets a higher rank.

    Other than that, there's YouTube. Kids these days watch YouTube videos all day long, and somewhat it all seem to be Minecraft videos (not really) But anyways, putting up a few videos on YouTube, showing off your server, Might attract players.

    Twitch.tv/other streaming site.
    Do live streams while playing on your server, play among stream viewers. Kind of creates a connection between the players, doesnt it?
    And who doesnt want their character shown off on a livestream? The answer is everyone :)
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    posted a message on Looking for Tekkit 3.1.2/3.1.3 pvp, raid server
    As the title says, i'm looking for a Tekkit raid server.
    Can either be 3.1.2 or 3.1.3, i'd prefer 3.1.2 since that's what my tekkit is currently at.
    Dedicated server, must have at least 5 active members

    must have EE enabled, thats what make PVP fun in tekkit.

    if you know or own a server like this, please let me know! :lol:
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    posted a message on xCraft - Please test our new IP.
    Quote from Cman3144

    Okay I'm making this application for my friend.


    Age: 13

    Why Do You Want To Join the Server: Because My Friend Cman3144 Told Me It Was Great And I Wanted To See For My Self

    I literally laughed, but come aboard :Pig:
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    posted a message on xCraft - Please test our new IP.
    Quote from Muffllies

    Thank you! :lol:

    Quote from Cman3144

    Pricey148 I need help... I reinstalled Hamachi to my computer because I was having trubles with it and then when I tried to get onto the server network Hamachi thing it sais it was full.... I cant get onto it what do I do? Can someone make it were more people can join it?

    Updated the original post. Join the 2nd network.

    [email protected]

    Using free Hamachi license, which has only five slots per network. I've created a second one as mentioned above. Join that and you'll be good to go.
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    posted a message on xCraft - Please test our new IP.
    Quote from pricey148

    Hey just got connected but i am not connected my in game name is pricernators

    sorry left out the s on my name

    Whitelist updated, and "pricernators" is added.
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    posted a message on xCraft - Please test our new IP.
    Quote from pricey148

    -Your In game name: pricernator

    -Your age: 18

    -Reason why you would like to join this server: looking for a small fun tekkit server where it has a small friendly community and to play tekkit basically

    Welcome to the server :)
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