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    posted a message on The Obsidian Abyss - "Modsauce Jambalaya" Server - Closing Dec. 31st
    "Leave a post in this thread stating your in game Minecraft name and what you like to do most in multiplayer Minecraft and something about yourself, and we will look over the entries and get back to those who are added to the whitelist by PM here on the forums."

    Alright, I will do that.


    I like to build and chat with other players on Multiplayer..

    Something about me, well...I like to play Minecraft :P

    Okay, add me please.
    Quote from thebacahunter

    IGN= thebaccahunter
    i would like to play on a friendly smp with lots of people. my endgame goal would be to build a mobile lab/factory using Archimedes ship mod

    i love minecraft, and i really love modded minecraft, my expertise is in redstone and machines, i am also willing to help teach other people about these mods

    i really love all the mods you added, i really feel like those mods were needed to make this pack even better.

    Also, where do i get the modpack?

    That laboratory Idea, mind If i use it??? Its a cool idea, can I use it if I join the server?
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    posted a message on New Attack of the B-Team Whitelisted Server
    Forgot to mention, yes, I am a fan of ChimeySwift11... :P
    Oh, btw, when life gives you lemons, throw them at the hobo :3
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    posted a message on New Attack of the B-Team Whitelisted Server
    IGN: weeklyperson
    Age: 1[i]2 [I am mature for my age.][/i]
    Why do you want to join?: I would like to play on an AOTBT server with other people that are nice.
    What is your play style?: Defence, so I would use mods like Witchery,T Construct, Archemedies Ships..etc.
    Anything Else?: Yeah, Can I join? Hah. But seriously, is there any banned items? Am I allowed to like, make a huge base? Like ChimeySwift11 did in his AOTBT lets play??

    THANKS! Weeklyperson.
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    posted a message on Simplified Survival [Accepting applications]
    Simplified Survival is a mindcrack inspired server. We are accepting applications, if you wwant to join the server, please fill out the application:

    Age: [No older than 15, no younger than 8]
    Do you know what mindcrack is?
    Why do you want to join?
    How long would you be on the server each day?

    Thank you for your time, we will only be accepting 5-6 players because of RAM issues.

    One more thing, no natural regeneration.
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    posted a message on [Whitelist] [Ages 8-14][Survival or Creative] CJ Craft: Fun for kids!
    Misterglee, I'm an co-owner, I'll let the owner know!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Seed: GLACIERS! That old seed that we all know and love
    Glaciers, aint that that old seed? Okay the seed of course is Glaciers. You must have the Better World Generation mod first before you enter this seed. It's a Beta 1.3 to Beta 1.7.3 seed. So you have to have the Better World Generation Mod to get this.
    Glaciers spawns you near a few cows. Now that's nothing not-too normal.
    The odd thing is if you go Right, you find a small mountain that seems to be cutt off.
    Head down that mountain and BAM! Instant Dungeon! Chain Boots, Power IV book..potatoes...anyway...potatoes........i like potatoes....ANYWAY!
    Gunpowder....2 saddles....Enchanted Golden Apple.

    Okay so once you got BETTER World Generation 4 mod, click Create New World, go to the options and click BTWG4 selection next to Large Bioms, click Customize and then find Beta. Click done, and now enter the seed
    Glaciers. Head right and you know, like i said, a dungeon....also there is a lava pool next to that dungeon...

    Link to Better World Gen. 4
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