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    posted a message on Launcher For All Minecraft Editions?
    Quote from Badprenup»

    This likely won't happen on consoles. They have pretty strict rules against "back patching" or uninstalling patches and likely will never allow an official way to go to old versions like this.

    Try deleting the patch file in the Xbox storage menu.

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    posted a message on Help, son is lost after leaving the END!

    /gamerule keepInventory true

    /kill [playername or @s]

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    posted a message on Dynamite ( throwable TNT )
    Quote from tow4rzysz»

    I don't really like this idea.
    If we are to destroy blocks, it should have one of the following flaws:
    1. Need of preparation (TNT cannons, slimeblock mining drills);
    2. Very short range (conventional breaking with hands and pickaxes);
    3. Limited (but steady) access;
    I don't want to see them available from extremely expensive netherite that has to be intentionally dug for long time, I'd rather see them made from stuff with limited use, collected as "side product" and from cheap materials - for example, made from quartz collected for experience, rare drop from creepers (akin to Rabbit's Foot), and ghast tears, so that you cannot spam with that stuff all time on your way, but also that does not require prodigious amounts of work to obtain.

    The OP says that they can't destroy blocks. Besides, I don't see why block breaking has to be restricted to those 3 methods.

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    Quote from strange030guy»

    after a full deletion of optifine, forge, all mods installed, all configs, and any other files from downloads, and then re downloading forge and optifine, the same issue persists

    Did you download the right version?

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    posted a message on Extra-Ons! an add-on Mod for MrCrayfish's Device mod!

    is there a download? This Addon seems really cool

    As it seems, you can only get the mod from the discord. Sounds fishy to me, even the post and the mod.

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    Using MultiMC, do I click add to minecraft.jar or replace minecraft.jar?

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