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    posted a message on I can't connect to my server with my public ip adress.


    If you have a minecraft server please help me out with this issue. I tried everything and I can't seem to find a solution...

    The server has no errors when I start it up.

    I portforwarded the 25565 default port on my router's webpage.

    I made firewall exceptions for UDP and TCP for the 25565 port.

    I even turned all firewalls and antiviruses off to check if it works.

    When I use the local ip it works perfectly.

    When I try to use my public ip X.X.X.X:25565 it gives me this error: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information:"

    I am on a Windows 10 PC and I have an ASUS router RT-AC66U.

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