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    posted a message on Backward Compatability
    I think OP means bukkit, which usually takes some time to release a stable version (Still no RB for MC 1.2.3).
    This will probably get fixed with the mod API though.
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    posted a message on [NEW]Super-Earth:[RP][iConomy][NoGrief][Towny][24/7]
    Would be nice to apply, but i cant. Why close whitelisting while upgrading?
    Anyways, if this even will be seen:

    Real name? Oskar Viberg

    Minecraft In Game Name:

    What will you add to the role play:
    Just another regular citizen, maybe you will like my building-style.

    How you found our server:

    Are you planning on being active:
    Ohyes, every day.
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