About Me
My name's vgoo.

Of course, that's not really my name. It's my username.

Do you know what's cool? Minecraft. Why do you think I'm on this forum? Cool spring days are good, too. You can go outside and take a walk and do stuff.

Do you like swings? I like swings. Until I feel sick.

I would consider myself a good writer. Just not when it's based on pop culture. Not always. I like to do my own thing, use my own ideas, which are usually based off of outside elements, such as comics, books, games, and life. I think a lot of good writers write like that.

What else....

My horoscope is Cancer, I'm half-Latino, half-Caucasian, I'm Jewish, and I have Aspergers, a form of autism.

I live in New Jersey, but mostly in my own little world.

...And that's all I can think of, I guess.
Interests Minecraft, tortollini, lemon iced tea, and cool spring days.

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