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    posted a message on Kismet...Find a happy place! Whitelist, Fly, McMMO, GP, Kits
    In-Game Name: vesparian
    Age: 21
    Favorite Cookie: M&M Brownie cookies.
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    posted a message on {1.7.4} {100% Vanilla} {Whitelisted} {Adult} {Block Breakers Anonymous}
    -IGN: vesparian
    -Age?: 21
    -Location: Minnesota, U.S.
    -How long have you been playing?: Since around late alpha / early beta.
    -Have you ever been banned? If yes, why?: I have, twice. One was involving my accidental use of a /home command 3 times in a row, server logged this as spam and banned me for it, this was on a dying server so I never got unbanned. The other time was involving a plugin called movecraft and a vehicle called the bomber, I'd accidentally placed tnt mines all around my home since it does this with every movement you make with it, then accidentally set 1 off, chain reacting a fair amount of them, banned for environmental grief.
    -What can you bring to the table?: Can't say I can bring much, I'm just an average minecrafter who has no noticeable above average traits, I just like to play.
    -How often can you play?: As of right now, I can play as long as I want to, I've no restrictions other than whether I want to play or not, which can be quite random.
    *Optional* -Attach a screenshot of the minecraft build/creation you are most proud of (max 5):
    Ignore the bottom half, this is the only pic I have of any builds I've made, and this was to showcase grief that'd been done to it, I made it on a map and then discovered said map was getting an eventual wipe, so I could never finish it.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    • In-game name: vesparian
    • Location and Age: United States, M.N. | 21
    • Previous Bans from other servers: 1, On a server called Masserv, and it was accidental, the server was undergoing many changes and the owner was slowly drifting away from taking caring of the server. I'd ended up typing /home 3 times throughout my time on there and it auto-banned me, and the owner kind of just stopped caring so I never got back on and it slowly died, at least to my knowledge.
    • Referral: None
    • Have you voted for Herocraft (No? do so here! http://hc.to/vote): Yes
    • Have you subscribed to our Youtube channel?: No I haven't
    • Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS?: Yes
    • Special Key: HCv9
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    posted a message on 12w49a Snapshot Ready for Testing
    Been messing around with it, and it seems that the nether just renders weird whenever it's on a server.
    Generated the world and the nether in singleplayer, no problems, moved it on over to the server, started it up and it looked all buggy.
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    posted a message on 12w49a Snapshot Ready for Testing
    I THINK... Now don't quote me on this...
    That something went awry involving servers and the nether...
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    posted a message on MistyCraft [1.5] [mature] [friendly] [small community]
    IGN: vesparian
    Age: 20
    Timezone: UTC -06:00. Central
    Experience & Play Style: I've been playing Minecraft since Alpha, my play style changes based on my mood but it's the usual go out and explore until I feel like settling down in one spot then I branch out some major build which I have trouble finishing, I also have an unhealthy addiction to stairs.
    Tell us some more about yourself: I often times keep to myself because I don't get along with other people, even when I may try to communicate things don't go over well which is why I usually stay by myself by going out and exploring.
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    posted a message on The horrible truth in smp
    This thread isn't even about our thoughts on SMP anymore, it started with stating opinions, followed by an ending insult, or insults throughout your opinions which isn't the proper way to have a discussion, it's how you start an argument.
    Now alls this is, is a bunch of people throwing insults at each other over what you think of the other.
    Calm down guys, get back on track.

    Edit: You want to know the Wonderful truth about SMP?
    It's that servers come in all shapes and sizes, we're not limited to just one, we can pick and choose which one we want to go to based on what we think so that we can find ourselves an enjoyable experience.
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    posted a message on The horrible truth in smp
    I didn't take the time to read every sliver of text slapped down in rage on this thread, but I get the gist.
    What you need to do is calm down, and write out carefully everything you have a problem with, which you've done.
    What you haven't done is give any reasonable things behind those statements, you keep adding exceptions and making excuses which shows you haven't actually thought out everything you've been saying.

    You're bunching every person together after having had just a few experiences, which is unfair to anyone else you might meet in the future.
    Everyone as well as every server is different in some aspect. You're bunching together everything upon a few experiences, and that isn't fair to everyone else you've yet to meet.
    It's unfair, and slightly mean. By throwing aside any hopes for meeting someone different you're judging them all, which makes you just as "corrupt" as you say everyone else is.

    Yes you have your opinions but that's all they are, opinions. Everyone's got one.
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    posted a message on Enchantable Furnace's
    I don't surf the suggestions board too often, so I don't know how often such an idea might of been suggested, but it's an interesting thought.
    Thinking about it I would assume though it would take a lot of coding work around which items are available to enchant and how each item reacts, if the furnace were to be an allowed enchant able item there'd probably have to be some other considering for other blocks as well because in order to tell if it were enchanted, while placed it would have to have that glowing affect which I've never seen on any placed object in game before, I think doing something like that might be a little difficult, but it would need to be required to actually tell, so in order to lower the rare use of it for just one placable block, that's why I think it should be allowed for other items as well. If not to add some benefit, maybe just to include the glowing affect, for say any block you wish to put in, it requiring 1 level just to give it that "enchanted" glowing effect to the block, it could be useful in building, giving them some sort of vibe.
    With the easier ways to get experience since 1.3 I think the game could benefit from alternative experience level usage.
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    posted a message on Pocket Edition on Amazon, Possible Player Skulls, & More
    Whether or not the heads that fall would be the head of the person slain has been my question since the first day steve heads first came out!!!!... OMFG!!!
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    posted a message on Small 16 slot Bukkit server looking to add a few mature players.
    Hey Jeff, Just thought it'd be appropriate to say I love this server.
    I've never felt more comfortable, or more at home when it's come to Minecraft.
    Thanks for being awesome. :D
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    posted a message on Weirdest Death
    I don't think I've ever had a "Weird" death.
    I've had deaths where one might go ". . . Seriously?!"
    Such as dungeons set up by a server owner and being mobbed by a group of at least 100+ zombies/spiders/blaze and more while wearing max enchantment armor.
    Never again . . .
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    posted a message on Small 16 slot Bukkit server looking to add a few mature players.
    Quote from Paddy352


    Quote from Ethral


    I'm no staff member, and I'm only going off of what was posted in this thread, but it seems as of the 27th of July, Jeff took down the whitelist.
    Quote from Jeffro1001

    Whitelist has been removed

    Feel free to join the fun.

    Obey the rules though, there are no 2nd chances.

    So I'm pretty sure you're free to join the server whenever.
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    posted a message on Why Should Girls Be Treated Different in Video Games?! (formerly WROS)
    I have to say, you must have some rotten luck coming across over 3 servers that have people who behave so immaturely.
    Might I suggest looking for a server that exists for the purpose of having a mature community, often times you'll find a handful of respectable people and they do not tolerate disrespect or immaturity of such a degree.

    I have to admit, I do often times give girls different treatment than I do guys, I feel more inclined to help them when they're in need of help, and I find it easier to trust them, because I've only really come across males who would go out of their way to stab me in the back, I think this may be some form of sexist but it's how I've grown up, it's pretty much an instinct and rather difficult to ignore.
    None the less, I support the hate for all those so immature they feel the need to make disturbing comments and rank themselves higher than someone based purely on gender.
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    posted a message on ☆Skelacraft☆ #Grief #Anti-Grief #pvp #Survival #Minigames #No lag guaranteed #awsome staff!

    ign: vesparian

    Age: 19

    DO you play runescape: I used to quite frequently back when it first came out, when I was a kid.

    Will you use the client: Of course, I already have it actually.

    Are you ready to slay mobs and set out on adventures: Yeah, I wanna give this server a shot, it's sounds different and I'm interested beyond all patience.
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