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    posted a message on Roblox Tycoon in Minecraft! (COMING SOON)
    Quote from AirHawke77»

    I am currently working on a Roblox tycoon in Minecraft. I was wondering if the Minecraft community was interested in a map like this. It is being made in 1.12.1 vanilla . auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver

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    Because this forum limits how many images you can post, I posted this on Reddit.


    I am wondering how I can funnel a 5x5 drop area of mobs into a 1x1 area but they still take fall damage?

    Water streams wouldn't work because they don' take fall damage

    Slime slime machines don't work because If they land on the slime they don't take fall damage. They also will suffocate slime machine.

    Can't change the drop area to a 1x1 area because of spiders that will block everything.

    I want to change that so they will be a one hit kill. Only issue is, the drop area is 5x5

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    posted a message on Does having too many mods lag Minecraft?
    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    That's a tough one, from my experience yes but also no. I'm no expert with this when it comes to some mods that do background stuff or not large amounts of content/assets like Bounding Box Outline Reloaded if that doing it's thing to work out structures is likely for example.

    To me if the mods add lots of blocks and so on as well as has to deal with a lot of other things like maybe inventories then I'd say so as a lot more memory is used up then the regular game with these new additions in mods. But by the looks of things those mods don't add a lot, Custom NPCs does sure but the others are all small. Other than the fact that 1.10.2 versions of Minecraft regardless of modding use 2GB or so of RAM to run compared to 1.7.10 or 1.8 is a big deal, it's what kept my old PC away from using lots of mods to only a few as it was a 32bit system and obviously with 3GB to work with and it updated to Windows 10 didn't leave it much if I wanted to play mods and do other common/gaming things. So when I upgraded my PC it was much better, even 1.14 with mods works well for me but I still use 2GB of RAM maybe 3GB and it's fine but I also use very few, I'm not like other players that have 100s of mods as one I can't run that many and I don't need that many to be satisfied as I never get around to that many if I'm a mod experimenter and tester in survival or creative more so than a long game player in survival anymore.

    I'd say load and unload mods to find out what the case is but ones with lots of content/assets like CustomNPCs is likely my ip birthday wishes tneb

    The 2 Forge should be fine, but a screenshot would be good to know what they are.

    Minecraft Coder Pack is very important not just for mod devs to use but also to make the mods run as well as Forge and it comes with Forge when you install Forge. Do not touch it. If you just setup a Forge instance without mods. You should get Forge, Minecraft Coder Pack and something else, this is your Forge setup, no mods as basic as you can get to tell you that the game is modded. It's not strange to see all 3 of those 'mods' or modding framework aspects available .

    Take a screenshot while playing in a world you consider laggy showing

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    Quote from willquiz98»

    Hey guys,

    On my survival world I have made an AFK fish farm, but cant got afk for very long without my fishing rod breaking. I enchanted a fishing rod with luck of the sea 2, lure, and mending. because mending mends the item with XP, and everytime I get something from fishing I get XP will my fishing rods durability be constantly fixed everytime I get an item from the afk fish farm?

    auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver


    Thus if you wear a fully mending equiped set of armor, on average your rod will repair itself only every fifth catch but that is generally enough though sometimes not. Thats how you can easily repair mending tools and armor. Works on any other type of XP farm as well.

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