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    Hey guys! I recently made a user friendly simple Day/Night sensor door. What it does is that during the day the door will be open, but during the night the door will shut to keep unwanted intruders out! :)

    Day time :



    Night time :



    How to build:

    Put two sticky pistons as shown.

    Add two wool going back and put a sticky piston on the back wool.

    Add a redstone block in the empty space.

    Add a daylight sensor on top of the single piston stacked on the wool.

    Lastly add the block type you want the door to be.

    Now copy that onto the other side and your done!

    I hope this was helpful for new redstoners.

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    This is really simple, and doesn't take too many resources. Anyone who has already experimented with this should already know to do it, but this isn't for anyone that's really familiar with redstone is it?

    What this does is, in the day time the lamp is powered off as show here.

    But in the night time, when you most need lamps, its powered on.

    There you go. Hope this helped anyone wanting something like this!

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    posted a message on -=Isles of Viltis=- [Survival/Serious Roleplay]
    I am quite interested in this project. I may make a application for a builder or developer position.
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    posted a message on Arielia Castle/Hold
    Hey guys I've been playing this factions server for quite some time now and I'm dying for a review of my castle. Tell me straight if it a piece of crap, or if its damn right fantastic. Thanks guys.

    Arielia Castle/Hold

    [Hold]: What I mean when I said hold is this is the area we go to defend our castle.
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    posted a message on Functioning Pig lot
    Hey guys! I just had a idea to make a parking lot for pigs. Since the new update came out I have been enjoying that you can finally control pigs. Quiet useful if you in a flat landed place and need to get some where quickly.

    So here are some pictures of my Pig lot made in creative.




    Inside overview

    Watcher dude

    Door open

    Door closed

    So there you have it guys. Love it, Rate it, Comment it!
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    Quote from ForsakenLiez

    No Doubt Wizard101!!! Haters can hate, but w101 has over 20 million players, won 15 and more awards!!! W101 ftwwwww!!!

    Have you even Played wow?
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