About Me

Hello there, my name is Gracjan Baryla (aka. Ceriumin). I am currently studying A* GCSE'S for Computer Science and programming. I know a lot on Computers, JavaScript and Python and I am a medium-end Gamer. I like to play Minecraft and I am mostly on the Building side of the game. I construct many awesome builds and create many awesome projects. I started playing Minecraft in 1.2 in 2012 and got interested in it. In the future I hope to be a Software developer/engineer and develop my own games. Im also a very large backpacker/traveller and travel to most exotic country's like china etc and have been to 50+ country's. While also being a parkour athlete, I know alot on Parkour and can do very hard stunts and tricks. I like to help other people in this forum and ask for opinions on things.


Mostly programming and Gaming. Javascript and python are my favourite. I have a sweet gaming setup for my PC and love to play popular games such as CS:GO, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2 etc.

Location Katowice, Poland

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